Carhartt Men's Workwear Jersey Pocket Long-Sleeve Shirt K126 (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes)

Carhartt Men's Workwear Jersey Pocket Long-Sleeve Shirt K126 (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes)

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I bought this shirt (made in Haiti) and one other in a different color. (Blue) made in Mexico. I can't believe how thin the material is in them. Not the carhartt quality I had come to know over the years. I always bought carhartt shirts and products because of how nice and thick the material was. I wanted the same in this long sleeve shirt for warmth. Not the case at all, and way too big. I put this shirt on over another long sleeve shirt with a short sleeve t shirt under that, and it still hung 6 - 8 inches below my waist. Im about 6 ft 190 & these T's are too big. I still may have lived with that , knowing they will likely shrink over time, but it is so cheaply made there is no way im keeping it. I bought a gildan at the same time for $6.40 and I can honestly say the quality of that shirt is at very least as good as these carhartt shirts. Carhartt is charging $20 to $40. I'm guessing its because they are now selling their logo now more then a quality product. I don't leave many comments here on Amazon but I've never felt so disappointed about something. Carhartt seems to be following others like Nike etc, who made a great name for themselves because they made great products, then got greedy and no longer care about the quality only the logo. Sending both shirts back, and going to a department store where i can see and feel the quality of what I'm buying. This is one problem I see with the future of Amazon. Quality will go down because companies (like Carhartt) will bank on the fact that many will not take time to return items or write reviews. Get with it Carhartt or I'm taking my business elsewhere. I added some pictures here. I hung these shirts against a sliding glass window with the sun behind to show how thin they are. As a comparison, I hung a 5 year old carhartt short sleeve shirt (blue) that has been washed and dried dozens and dozens of times. It is still thicker then the brand new shirt that I just received. I also took pics of the white $20 carhartt and the 6.40 competitor shirt. Yes, the carhartt has a pocket. But the material is terrible. Not paying $15 xtra dollars for a pocket. There is also one picture showing how huge it fits.

- genevieve_wood

I usually wear an XL...this runs large and a size Large fits great. I like the look of this shirt...however the material is a "softer" tee and I'm not certain it will hold up like my old Carhartt's. The neck started to "pill" after a half dozen times of wearing.
Bottom line: The quality seems to have dropped off significantly.

Updated on 4-2-18: I'm changing my rating to a one star after wearing it and washing it a half-dozen times. The entire shirt has "pilled" with the heaviest pilling around the neck. I own a number of Carhartt long sleeve tees and this one is a very big disappointment. A total waste of money...I guess I could change the oil in my car with it...

- wilson_nguyen

Love these shirts. Never come untucked and the pocket is heavy duty.

- peter_gonzales

I never thought I'd ever write a review for a shirt (I mean really what's the big deal) BUT this is one of the best shirts I've ever bought, it's all around a perfect fit, and just enough extra heft to it to keep me warm on cool and wet days at work. Unlike your run of the mill cheap T shirts at the mall stores I don't have to spend my day pulling the shirt down below my belt, and the sleeves fit just the way I like them to.I'm making dang sure I wash them myself so I don't have to worry about them getting messed up. Thats right I said "them" because I'm going to order a bunch more for myself and for gifts.

- bryson_bennet

You guys, Carhartt ain't lying. They say "tall", they mean "tall"... I usually go for Tall shirts, but this thing is a dress on me. I've been washing it with hot water and drying in a hot dryer. It's shrank some, but it's still pretty long. Good news is, if you tuck it in, it's not coming out.
Regardless, I still love this shirt. Excellent materials. Very comfortable. But if you're about 6'2" like me and usually like a Tall size shirt, Try the regular size first. It may be right. This thing would be perfect for someone 6'5" or taller.

- dawson_myers

These shirts are the only ones my husband will wear to work. He has 1 in every color. Short sleeve and long. Only because he said every time he finds something he likes it gets discontinued. :-)
They are 100% durable. Heavy weight cotton.
The long tail will stay tucked in as well.
They will go through many washes and never fade or shrink If you wash them in cold. I dry them part way then I hang them to air dry the rest of the way.

- hayden_kelly

This is probably one of the worst-made garments I've ever seen. I know there's a lot of discussion about the multiple manufacturing sites, mine was made in Haiti, if that helps anyone out.

I bought a small when I'm usually a medium (after a few washes) in these type of cheaper shirts (Hanes, FTL, etc.) because everyone said they run large. This is only partly true. The shirt was VERY long. I'm 5' 10" and the small came to my mid thigh. The sleeves were big and billowy around the bicep and super tight around the forearm and cuff. I'm not a huge guy, but a small should NEVER be too big on me. It honestly felt like three different shirts combined, somehow. The material was also pretty rough. I don't think fabric softener would have done anything to make this shirt more comfortable.

I like Carhartt as a brand and know that they have some goods at higher price points that will last a lifetime. This shirt, or at least some of them, aren't getting the kind of attention their jackets and pants receive. Stay away or go find it at your local Army Surplus store to make sure you're not wasting your time.

- kannon_ortiz

The hubby loves this K126 style. I hate to say they fit large because the sizing to me is correct. But in the real world with cheaper clothing, these fit larger. My hubby is, 5'10-5'11 & 190 lbs and the Large Regular fits perfectly. The shrink factor is fairly minimal especially for 100% cotton, the fabric just tightens up a bit and feels thicker after you've washed & dried it. Good generous sleeve & torso length even in just the Regular length. All the colours are great too. A quality product for sure!

- emmett_harris

Fits a bit larger than I thought it would and the sleeve have the linen hairs curling and turning into lint balls. But I think it’s more that I used the shirt for work and it rubs against things. But where some of my shirts have ripped on metal at my work this one has resisted very well. Front pocket is secure and hasn’t stretched yet with lots of used to it. And any ash/embers I’ve gotten on it hasn’t burnt it yet! So very happy

- chase_sanders

Is supposed to be LT size, but the body width is more like XLT. Sleeve length is good. Material and stitching is good. Color is good too.

I ordered another one in a different color and had to return it because although labelled size LT, it was a M (medium regular).

I think the problem is factory mislabelling of sizing. Carhart's needs to fix this glix.

- preston_hughes

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