Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket Henley Shirt (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes)

Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket Henley Shirt (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes)

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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I still think these are very good shirts, but not the last two I've received. I bought one in June that after unwrapping it, removing the various tags, etc. I found pinholes in the pocket. I needed the shirt and because I live in a rural area where returns are difficult at best, I kept the shirt and patched it. Now I just purchased another shirt from the same source by re-ordering and it also has a problem on the pocket. This time it is the Carhartt logo that looks like it has a burn hole in it. It's a work shirt so again I will live with it. I have bought 20 or so shirts from Amazon without a problem, but 2 obviously defective shirts in a row tends to be worrisome. I will certainly be buying my work shirts from a local source from now on.

- melania_robinson

I've worn these shirts year round for 20 years (of course, I live in the Bay area of California where the temperatures are moderate). During the summer, I wear them alone, and during the winter, I put on a shirt over top of them. They wear forever (almost :-)). I will warn you of one thing. Buy one size smaller than you wear anything else (shirt, jacket, vest, etc..). They tend to run large. For example, I normally buy all my shirts, jackets and vests size large. Medium on this Carhartt fits exactly like large on anything else.

- shepherd_long

Okay, I am 6'2 210 lbs and when I bought my last shirt like this a decade ago I purchased it at a local army / navy surplus store. It has lasted great and is getting thread bare :). I read the reviews before buying this one, I normally get XL in every shirt I buy but went with the Large after reading the reviews. I also will buy Longs when available but also opted out of that decision. This shirt fits perfect in the shoulders, the sleeves are plently long and so is the length. If it helps or matters mine was made in Honduras, I would have given this product a 5 star rating but is does not seem to be made with the same weighted material as my original that was made in the USA so long ago. Hope this helps ya all......

- armani_rodriguez

The shirt is decent quality, should last a long time. Downside is it is huge, has no form or shape to is whatsoever. Bought a medium for my dad because that is what he normally wears, it could easily pass for a 2x if you didn't know any better. I will be returning. If you are ordering and aren't 6'4" 240lbs, get a small. (Pic is of my mom holding the shirt)

- ashton_nguyen

Huge. Giant. Gargantuan. I shouldn't surprised by Carhartt's sizing anymore after owning a few of their shirts, but it's still truly shocking how huge they are. Is this vanity sizing for obese blue collar men or something? No idea. All I know is that the medium port long-sleeved Henley fit like an XL. I'm 5'11"-6', 175 pounds, broad shouldered, not a small guy, and was absolutely swallowed up in this "medium" shirt. Looked like a dress almost. I've read that different colors fit differently which makes it a little complicated, but for sure I'd recommend anyone size down at least one size, probably two, if they're looking at the port color. That said it seemed like a nice heavy, rugged shirt if that's what you're after.

- yamileth_hughes

After hinting to my wife that I was needing some long sleeves shirts she decided to surprise me with this Carhartt shirt since its normally the brand of clothes I prefer to buy. When I opened my gift, we were surprised to see that the large size in black was really around an XXL! After being dissapointed about a ruined gift, she requested an exchange as the shirt apart from the extremley large size was great quality. She went ahead and ordered a medium size in the navy blue and even paid the extra couple of dolars for the color of the shirt. The shirt did not arrive in the two day shipping and when we opened up the package, we were again surprised to see how big the medium was. We are returning the shirt as their sizing is nowhere accurate to what it should be.

- jack_miller

this shirt won't win any awards for the softest, most luxe tee you've ever worn, but the cotton is definitely a good weight. we'll see how they age. just received today, washed cold, tumble-dried low, and stitching and overall build and color quality at first pass seem good. no shrinkage out of the dryer. sizing among the three i bought (two blue, one burgundy) are consistent, which can be a common pitfall.

i chose this over other offerings because of sizing. this was one of the few offerings in my size, on prime, in this wide of an array of colors. and i've known carhartt to be slightly higher quality than other workwear brands, comparing equivalent products. lastly, for shirts that i intend to wear to work every day, i certainly wasn't going to gamble on one of the "fashion" offerings that are probably half as durable.

regarding sizing, i'm 5'6" 165#, 42S suit size, and the small is what i'll call a relaxed fit on me. not boxy, not "fitted," just... normal. sleeves hit right at the crook of my elbow. so take that as you will, in your respective size. the sleeves are about an inch longer than an average tee. based on other reviews, and my experience with workwear in general, i anticipated correctly needing to size down by one in order to not be swimming in the shirt.

cons? a bit pricey for a non-synthetic blend, but my hope is that 100% cotton has a bit more longevity. i also wished these had pen/pencil holder stitching on the chest pocket, but i might just prefer to sew on my own in a thread to match the gold logo.

- stetson_baker

I love the shirts. They are made out of fairly heavy material and will last a long time. I am 6'3" 195 lbs.. The first two I ordered several months ago in large tall, due to the reviews here saying they run long and large. That turned out to be true. I would normally order at least x-large tall but these fit just fine. I decided to order two more in different colors last week and the large tall were no longer available. I went ahead and ordered the regular Large but not in tall. I really can't see a lot of difference in the large/tall and the large/regular. The regular are also long in the sleeves and the body just like the Tall size. Unless you are the Jolly Green Giant don't worry about these shirts being long enough in the body and sleeves. Regular Large fits me well where I would normally require x-large tall in any other shirt. The Talls are really almost too long so regular is fine.

- christian_phillips

La calidad es buena es algodón pesado lo que significa que es aguantadora para el desgaste, sin embargo no tomé en cuenta que el estilo “original fit” de carhartt viene demasiado amplio digamos para pesos pesados, pedí en talla mediana y parecía XL. Las carhartt “relaxed fit” (estilo ajustado de ellos) las cuales tengo un par en talla mediana si se apegan mas a la realidad, hay que tomar en cuenta esto.

- michael_lopez

Its comfortable, the color is a nice blue, and its held up in the wash pretty good. I am 6' and thin (150lbs) and i normally have to buy a large so the sleeves and bottom aren't short but they end up being much to wide and look terrible. I bought this in a medium, and the sleeves are perfect, and it stays tucked in as well. I will be buying more just for the fit alone.

- langston_howard

I struggled a bit to find the right size, for other brands I usually buy an XL, but for this brand a large is fine, tried the medium but it is a bit too small. I am 5'10" 220 ish. The material is great, dense and very warm, perfect for outdoor activities, but still smart enough to wear on casual Fridays at the office. I now own 5 of them in various colors.

- orlando_evans

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