Champion Men's Classic Jersey Script T-Shirt

Champion Men's Classic Jersey Script T-Shirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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The material is not cotton; this product is not original. The original tag was removed (by scissors, they did a good job but I can still see the cut) and replaced by the champion tag. I bought another shirt directly from Champion website and it feels totally different. I don’t know how this get to be sold on Amazon.

- judah_miller

I ordered a small in MEN for myself and it sits on me perfectly . It’s tight in the bust but a tad baggy in the stomach . Just how I like it . Would def recommend and fits to size . I want to order another but I need to calm down lol .

- tegan_ramos

Everything was perfect. Ordered for my boyfriend birthday .i got two smalls like he said but I was unsure bc I thought it was going to be to small but it fits I will be ordering more for myself lol

- major_robinson

So, basically t-shirt looks good, but there is 3 issues with this item
First one, item has a quiet poor quality
Second one, there is some weird tags
And the third one, seam is not sewn on the left sleeve, so it means that tshirt have defect

- willow_watson

5’8 de estatura 190 libras ,he pedido una talla M y me queda perfecto

- faye_martinez

Fit perfectly. Very comfy too.

- kalani_adams

My teenage son love's this shirt and I will need to purchase another one before end of school year as he wears this one at least once a week! As per his review - this is "in style" and very popular brand now at his High School.
When I told him it was popular back in the 80s he was not impressed. Good quality and worth the price.

- aldo_gomez

Not the greatest but cheap I suppose. Its one of those tees thats kind of thick and short and like a tube if that makes sense? No seam on the sides. I ordered a mens large and is almost tight on me and im 5'6" 170 lbs for reference. Also after 2 washes the logo is faded. Washed in cold water. Kinda bummed. Not bad for a gym t or something though.

- coleman_reed

I bought this as a present as requested by my step-daughter so can't say how it fits as I haven't given it to her yet but quality seems good

- kira_kim

Brilliant thank you

- natalie_scott

Fits well!!!

- bianca_howard

La talla es un poco reducida. Pero no por mucho.
Estoy un poco decepcionado pero no sé si sea mi culpa no ví en ningún producto de la marca que mencionaran el gramaje de la playera. Por qué esta a pesar de tener buena calidad de impresión. La tela de la playera es de muy mala calidad u muy delgada tanto que se puede llegar a transparentar un poco la playera que lleves debajo. Por ejemplo unas de resaque.

Sabiendo esto, el precio si me pareció un poco alto. Y me replanteo para comprar unas sudaderas y otras playeras que quería comprar de la misma marcas.

Estaría dispuesto a pagar más por una playera que fuera de mejor calidad en la tela, seguiré buscando.
Por lo pronto este modelo no lo volvería a comprar pues parece que no me durará ni 1 año por la calidad que le percibo.

No es la primera vez que compró esta marca pero la primera que compró desde Amazon de la misma. Y cuando yo he comprado en estados unidos de esta marca la ropa es de súper buena calidad tela muy suave y gruesa que garantiza calidad y durabilidad.
Cosas que le faltan a estas playeras específicamente.

- camden_mitchell

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