Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana by Anne Rice (2008-03-04)

Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana by Anne Rice (2008-03-04)

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"Christ the Lord - The Road to Cana" is Anne Rice's sequel to "Christ the Lord." Both are Christian fiction, of course, and both are interesting and fun to read. Imagine being both a famous author and a new Christian and taking on the task of writing a fictional account of Jesus, from His perspective, as He walks this earth and learns that He is God.
Anne Rice took great pains to stay true to the Word and to history (geography, manners etc.)
The road to the wedding at Cana has Jesus meeting John the Baptist en-route. I found it interesting that Anne Rice, a Roman Catholic, has John the Baptist baptizing with a conch shell instead of immersion in the lake.
The moment that Jesus figured out He was God Anne wrote - " I'd always known who I really was. I was God. And I'd chosen not to know it." This statement by Rice accounts for a normal human upbringing.
Have you every wondered what words, look, or gesture Mary might have used to prompt Jesus to turn water into wine? Anne comes up with the obvious - Honor your Mother.
The book is fun. It is a Christian beach summer read. Have fun.

- magnolia_wood

Anne Rice is best known for her vampire novels perhaps but I'm not a fan of that genre. This is my second Christ the Lord novels I've read by her. The first, Out of Egypt, was excellent. This one, The Road to Cana, is even better. Ms. Rice weaves a compelling story of the life of Jesus Christ in the time leading up to and just as He begins His ministry.
From a historical perspective, little is known of Yeshua bar Joseph, the Nazareth carpenter who becomes Christ the Lord. Ms. Rice uses this to put together a believable tale of what might have been.
This story would be intimidating for any author to tackle. With a subject as great as this who is so dear to the hearts of so many it must have been a daunting task. But Ms. Rice carries it off without overdramatizing as so many writers have done.
The Jesus of this book is human, conflicted yet loving, willing but somehow reluctant to step into the fray. It is someone we'd be comfortable to spend time with, someone we'd like to know better.
This book brought tears to my eyes for the beautiful story we all know so well. And when I finished, I felt certain it might have been just this way.
I enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy it, too.

- brady_clark

I really loved this book! I’m really intrigued by the concepts of how Jesus might have lived, his struggles as a mortal man in the context of daily life in that time period and place. Such a fantastic read! She knows how to paint the picture, for sure. Beautiful writing style!

- eliza_flores

The second book in Anne Rice's attempt to dramatize the story of Jesus Christ is well-written (as always with Rice) and makes for a very interesting read. I liked the first book, Out Of Egypt, and this one continues the story quite well. I really like that, rather than some second, third or fourth-hand interpretation, Rice puts us right in the mix, showing us a view from the point-of-view of the man (Jesus) who is discovering his own unique place in the world and the broader meaning of that place. Definitely worth reading.

- emmalynn_mendoza

Loved how it made Jesus come to life.

- lee_richardson

The second book in Anne Rice's The Life Of Christ novel series. This book is a very interesting work of historical religious fiction. In order to understand this book I recommend reading "Christ The Lord Out Of Egypt" first. 5 stars! I hope Mrs. Rice writes more books to follow in this series......

- brenden_ruiz

The book is beautiful. Looks a new book. Was delivered fast too

- kassandra_ross

Enjoyed reading this book about the young Jesus' life. I always wondered about His early life.

- zoe_green

Amazing book. I could not stop reading it!! Anne Rice managed to show the historical Jesus Christ experiencing normal and humanly experiences like anybody else.

- kennedy_edwards

I have been a big fan of Anne Rice for many years. After being "Born Again" I felt that reading the books that I use to really enjoy (Vampire chronicles, Werewolves etc... ) had to come to an end. Having such a talented writer and historian write about Jesus is a God send :)

- caroline_diaz

I loved it, it honours our faith and I tackles tough questions in a plausible scenario, we'll done Ms. Rice.

- elena_gutierrez

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