Client/Server Programming with Java and CORBA, 2nd Edition

Client/Server Programming with Java and CORBA, 2nd Edition

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By: Robert Orfali and Dan Harkey

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CORBA and JavaBeans are merging in cyberspace. Here's your completely updated guide to navigating this previously uncharted territory.

Whether you're a seasoned Java programmer, a distributed objects expert, or looking to be a little of both, this Second Edition of the enormously popular Client/Server

Programming with Java and CORBA gives you the programming know-how you need to combine these two technologies into workable client/server solutions for the Object Web.

Full of working code, tutorials, and design trade-offs, this one-of-a-kind book:
* Includes over 250 new pages on JavaBeans, CORBA Beans, and Enterprise JavaBeans. Shows you how to invoke CORBA objects from JavaBeans tools such as Visual Cafe, JBuilder, and Visual Age for Java
* Covers everything from simple ORB programming to exciting new areas such as CORBA 3.0's POA, Object Pass-by-Value, IDL-to-Java, and RMI-to-IIOP
* Uses tutorials and client/server benchmarks to compare CORBA and its competitors including Java/RMI, Java/DCOM, Sockets, HTTP/CGI, and Servlets
* Covers in detail Netscape's ORB: VisiBroker for Java 3.X; it shows you how to use Caffeine to write CORBA/Java applications without IDL
* Provides a Debit-Credit benchmark for JDBC databases to compare 2-tier vs. 3-tier client/server solutions
* Provides a JavaBeans version of Club Med-a Web-based, 3-tier client/server application that uses CORBA, Java, and JDBC
* Shows how to use CORBA's dynamic facilities such as callbacks, dynamic invocations, object introspection, and the interface repository
* Comes with a CD-ROM containing over 16 Java-based client/server applications (and other goodies).

They have written numerous bestselling books including Instant CORBA,The Essential Client/Server Survival Guide, Second Edition, and The Distributed Objects Survival Guide. The two Survival Guides both won the prestigious Software Development/Jolt Award for best computer books.

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