Collectible President Donald Trump Troll Doll - Hair to the Chief

Collectible President Donald Trump Troll Doll - Hair to the Chief

Posted by jack_miller | Published a year ago

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Made trolls great again.

- stevie_foster

Cute Trump troll...but the hair is overly stiff. Now I know 45 uses a lot of "product" to keep his coif properly positioned, but I like my trolls to have soft, flowing after some seriously aggressive combing, I did get it more to my it sort of looks like it's blowing in the wind ;)

- larry_lewis

The Trolls will build the wall

- esperanza_gutierrez

Making trolls great again

- king_campbell

It's ok, hair was way too crunchy, had to wash it twice before I could move it around for him lol, the suit wasn't sewed correctly, but overall it's just hilarious to look at.

- jaelyn_taylor

Everyone had a big laugh when this gift was opened. I am glad I went with buying something different this year, something uniquely " Donald Trump"

- lizbeth_moore

I collect trolls.....need I say more!

- anthony_young

This little troll doll is perfect for anyone, Trump lover or not! I gave it to a friend who housed me for a few days but first showed it to some conservative friends, who had a laugh over it.
I love the open mouth, the red tie and the HAIR! Great small size

- kynlee_turner

This Trump troll doll is awesome! Bought it for my son who is an anti-fan and he's got it on display. He's decided to keep it in the box for now...maybe a future collector's item.

- reid_mendoza

It's really nice, bought it for my boyfriend and he loves it .Just as shown.

- rosalie_scott

Who's a big boy now....Bought this for my sister in law.She loved it.The only way it could be any better is if it was a toilet brush !

- christopher_nguyen

One day this will be worth $10,000 dollars when Trump gets his spot on Mt Rushmore.
Best purchase of 2017

- ashley_perez

A great gag gift - great quality

- avianna_kim

I don't like trump, but my mom really likes troll dolls, and likes the Saturday night live skits with trump,
so I gave it to her for Christmas and she loved it.

- agustin_nelson

Good paint job !

- hanna_nguyen

Can't help but laugh at this......will make a great gift for the TRUMP lover.

- simeon_kelly

gave him to my gf. MAGA!

- siena_mitchell

Better than I thought it would be ☺ Cool gift idea.

- tatum_ross

Again a great conversation piece!

- arabella_cruz

super bonne qualité et tres bon délais!!

- haley_nelson

Bought for friend everyone that sees it loves it!!!

- evelyn_rodriguez

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