Color Bleach+: Bleach Official Bootleg

Color Bleach+: Bleach Official Bootleg

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By: Tite Kubo

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The Soul Reaper's Handbook

This indispensable guide takes you behind the scenes of the shadowy world of the Soul Reapers! Read all about the illustrious Thirteen Court Guard Companies, study for the grueling entrance examination, get fighting tips from a master, take the personality quiz and much, much more! This book includes 66 pages of full-color manga spun off from the original Bleach.
This is a little book that is jam-packed with hilarious Bleach side stories, satires, games, and other rubbish that every Bleach fan would love. It was the first non-manga Bleach book that I bought, and it's so fun and entertaining that you might find yourself re-reading it and laughing. C'mon, can you bear not to own a book that has the official Sereitei newsletter, recruiting posters lovingly designed by each of the captains (including drawings by Rukia) to try to impress you to join their squad, and classified ads selling Soul Candy dispensers? I also bought at the same time the Souls character book, which was thicker but was somehow less entertaining. My only complaint is that a few pages of the Souls character book and this Bootleg book are identical. The glossy full-color dust jacket is reversible and beautiful. Reminds me of Mad magazine (but better). Thank you Tite Kubo and Viz Media (for making English edition available)!

- clara_myers

this was an amazing book I loved it when I owned it the first two times the only disappointment I had in my copy was is the dust jacket was not included the fold over color cover I'm glad I can always buy another copy.

- cairo_rivera

I loved the color manga at the beginning of the book. It is where all the ideas for the "Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book" come from. The comedy is funny and the insights into the characters are interesting. I was just disappointed at the amount of it. Only the first 1/3 of the book has the color illustrations. The rest of the book is filled with info about the 13 Court Guard Squads. Some of the stuff is funny, but most of it is birthdays and hobbies. That might be nice stuff to know, but I don't really care that Rukia's hobby is "climbing to high places." Even with these flaws I think it is well worth the $10 it costs. If you are a Bleach fan you should defiantly get this.

- aubrey_walker

I will not spoil anything but I will just say that colored manga pages are pretty awesome and humerous. Fans of the anime will find that some of them are extensions of the clips at the end of the episodes released on the discs, and some are new ones that have not been shown. They are all in color so they can appeal to both fans of the manga and to color anime purists. Besides that there is tons of information on the captains and assistant captains in the other pages, and lots of other information that is pretty good.

VIZ/Shonen Jump did an awesome job on this book with all its text (it must have taken ages to translate!) and it is definitely one to add to any Bleach fans library. I found nothing wrong with it at all.

- david_thompson

I had to buy bleach is my favorite and I love the book.

- lisa_wood

Hilarous! A must have for all Bleach fans who are interested in the happenings of the Seireitei and want to see more interaction between some of the other characters of Bleach that don't get as much screen time in either the manga or the anime. The antics of the Society of Female Soul Reapers with their attempts at fundraising, harassing Captain Byakuya, and torturing Tetsuzaemon of the Society of Male Soul Reapers are priceless. There is also a copy of the Monthly Seireitei Bulletin - which includes the Soul Reaper Entrance Exam "for all aspiring Soul Reapers", and the Thirteen Court Guard Aptitude Test (brought to you by the Society of Female Soul Reapers). I highly recommend this for all Bleach fans who love the comedy aspect of the manga and show!

- zyaire_ward

This covers mostly just the Soul Society Arc and before that, but that's good since that's probably the most central arc thus far in the English-dubbed anime. The colored comics at the beginning are so freakin' FUNNY, not even kidding. They, and the rest of the book, are full of Kubo's great art and interesting insight on Bleach's characters. Gotta buy this if you're a die-hard Bleach fan.

- cain_flores

I freaking love this book. Any bleach fan should buy this book! It gives information on the main/side Bleach characters. Also they have hilarious side stories. And it gives you a sort of quiz to see what squad would you go too. Like I said any fan of Bleach needs to get this book! ^.^

- james_brown

A surprising amount of oloured pages. some great side story's. Some if not most of these made it into the end of some of the Bleach anime episode's. There fun and charters poke fun at themselves. we get a nice spattering of mini story for the soul societies captains and lieutenant's.

- cason_williams

I have been wanting to get this book ever since it has been released on and it was not a disappointment to finally lay my hands on it! Tons of interesting stuff and information inside. It has 72 colored pages and the rest is black and white. The complete guide to 13 court guard companies is hysterically funny and comes with an imprint of Matsumoto's chest!

- undefined_jimenez

The book is fabulous and super funny!
It contains some of the "Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book" of the anime, but they are longer and has many new ones!
It didn't disappoint!

- riya_bennet

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