Comfort Colors Men's Adult Short Sleeve Tee, Style 1717

Comfort Colors Men's Adult Short Sleeve Tee, Style 1717

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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Agree 100% about the colors not matching the photos like a recent poster stated. I have a color calibrated monitor that is extremely accurate at displaying proper color and I just received my order today and the “chambray” color is a bright baby blue and not at all what it looks like in the example pic. The “butter” color is much brighter as is the “island reef”. “Granite” does look like the picture. I have 4 more that will be here Friday and I’ll wager 3 of the 4 will also not match their pictures. The shirts themselves are really good quality at this price point but because the colors are not even close to those depicted I am only giving these shirts a 2 star rating. Yes it may be harsh but accuracy is expected when it comes to describing/showing a product you are trying to sell.

Update 7/19/19

I actually had 5 more shirts arrive yesterday and 4 of the colors were as pictured. So out of 9 shirts these are the colors that matched their pictures

Light Green
Washed Denim

The following colors didn’t

Butter - much brighter than pictured
Island Reef - much brighter than pictured
Chambray - actually looks exactly like Chalky Mint
Flo Blue - is much darker and looks more like a royal blue

So there you have it, out of 9 shirts ordered 5 were as pictured and 4 were very different. 2 star rating will remain because people should be able to rely on these photos when making a purchase decision and I never would have ordered the four shirts that didn’t match their pics. They’re pastel colors and aren’t something I wear. Hope this helps anyone interested in buying these shirts.

- hank_roberts

All stars lost for completely inaccurate color. ‘Crunchberry’ was ordered. The color is advertised as a faded light red. The item received is a VERY BRIGHT pink. The shirts tags show crunchberry as being the accurate color, so it’s not that a different shirt was sent by mistake.

If you’re looking for the vintage worn color of shirt, beware with this product. You’ll likely receive a bright and saturated color instead.

- rhys_kim

I’m about to spend every last dime on these. They are SO comfortable and soft. High quality, perfect sizing. I could live in these every day (and probably will be). I will definitely be buying more.

- raymond_castillo

I find for me, 6’3”, 210lbs, the XL fits perfectly. These are the most comfortable t-shirts I own. I’ve been buying these at retail stores for years and love them. They are consistently sized. You can tuck them in and they are long enough not to come out. The quality overall is outstanding. My only issue is the shirts I ordered here don’t match the colors in the pictures. My crimson shirt looks like either salmon or crunch berry, much lighter than the darker crimson color on line. The blue spruce is closer to green. The light green is even lighter than what is shown. At least the denim color was spot on in the picture. The shirts don’t appear to have a code on them so I can’t check them against anything to be sure I got the right ones. Maybe I did receive a salmon or crunch berry shirt. But how can I tell.l? The packing slip was right but who knows if the shirts are.

Update, ordered pepper color and it was spot on per the color in the photo.

- nash_chavez

I have to agree with some other reviewers that this shirt is not at all of the same quality as typical Comfort Colors shirts. It really seems like it was made by a different company that sewed the Comfort Colors tag on. The material feels cheap and thin, and the medium does not fit like a medium in my other Comfort Colors shirts. It is a good 1.5 inches too short and much boxier. It also has a fishy smell. I returned it immediately.

- maliah_clark

I seem to keep getting T-shirts where the neck-hole is somehow off, like the collar won't rest easy on my neck but sticks up somewhere, like it got stretched funny. However, this one fit great, lays down great. It's not one of those super-soft t-shirts that wear out after six months -- I like those and have some, but this is sturdier but comfortable. I am 6', 250lbs with a buddha / beer belly and the xxl fits good, maybe a tad large in the shoulders, but it's nice to have one shirt that is not tight on me. I liked it enough to buy two more in other colors.

- amora_ross

I wanted to love these shirts. I ordered 5-7 different colors. They are a bit heavier weight shirt. The colors are so vibrant, they aren’t too heavy that it’s uncomfortable to wear them and they just feel nice on. Ultimately, I’ll never order these shirts again. They shrink when you wash them and the sizing is so insanely inconsistent that it’s like you’re playing a game of chance every time you try a new one on. Absolutely not worth the money or time

- ian_ramos

I've purchased a number of Ts from custom and have have found two issues in common: 1) I need to buy a large although I'm 5'9" 170# ,due to the difference between the large and med. sizes. The result is the neck band will stretch after a few wearings, which I hate.My solution is to dry in high heat several times to shrink it. And for some reason they stain just by looking at them. Don't know if it's the dye or what, but that has always been an issue. I just love their great colors so I put up with both issues.

- taylor_lopez

The quality of the fabric is extremely poor, flimsy and a real cheap lightweight cotton when compared to a genuine Comfort Colors T-Shirt I purchased in the USA - I believe these are counterfeit as the label reads Comfoat Colors & not Comfort Colors as per the original - Definitely not worth circa £12 each when postage & import taxes added. BUYER BEWARE!

- kaiya_collins

I have bought a few of these t-shirts. I like them a lot. But when I ordered the black ones the necklines were too loose compared to the other colours I already own. I ordered 2 black ones and both of them had loose necklines. One of them in particular was so loose that I wanted to return it. But I bought it from Amazon global store and returns are not friendly at all. So I decided to keep it...

- thalia_chavez

Bought a few of these for slumming around at home in, and they were cheap on amazon. Took a gamble but have been pleasantly surprised at how damn comfortable these shirts are! Warm and made of cotton, generous sizing for my purposes! Thoroughly recommend

- annika_garcia

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