Commercial Chef CHQP12R 12-Inch Pizza Maker, Red

Commercial Chef CHQP12R 12-Inch Pizza Maker, Red

Posted by jack_miller | Published 6 months ago

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Hello, I ordered four such devices and I must say they are simply bad and a waste of money I paid. Using the first device and it made us short circuit. On both devices, the inside of the device simply melts. I did not open the fourth device anymore and left it packed because I was afraid of malfunctions.
I ask for some compensation that I paid money for 4 devices but can not use them at all because of malfunctions.

- hugh_scott

The machine is difficult to clean because the plates do not come off. The lip around the bottom plate makes removing the cooked pizza a bit awkward. The pizza doesn't cook evenly (top vs bottom) because you can not adjust the heat from above or below.. We had high hopes for it, but ended up returning it. Going back to the silly looking Pizzaz.

- ashton_nguyen

Stop working after 2 use

- keyla_mendoza

I bought this for my office staff, I thought it would be great to have a pizza maker available for everyone. The first day I brought we opened it and plugged it in and it started to smell and sizzle pop. Being that we were in an office we chose to turn it off and I took it home to try it In a little less risky environment. Well, we tried it popped and smoked and then did nothing. And after unplugging it and then plugging it in again it will get warm to the touch. And as luck would have it it took me until February to actually try it out at home. And guess what. No returns after January 31 — what a piece of CRAP! Very disappointed !

- timothy_murphy

I have several, that's how much I love this product. One at work, and 2 at my camper and 2 at Home. Bought each of my sons one also. Not only can you make pizzas, but grill cheese, burgers, and I have even made bacon eggs and biscuits, and cinnabon rolls(little Brown on the bottom) love it...

- reid_mendoza

Works great but life is only six months

- ruby_ward

The best thing is it doesn't heat up the house like using the oven would and does almost as well.
There is no temperature control but what it is set at seems right for pizza.

- isabelle_alvarez

stopped working on second day!

- angel_roberts

its very nice to use and makes the pizzas really nice, the toppings do tend to stick to the top, but can always use less, but its easy to clean

- paige_ward

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