Complete Beginner’s Guide to PHP: Programming & Web Development

Complete Beginner’s Guide to PHP: Programming & Web Development

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By: Cedric Palmer

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To Script, or Not to Script – That is the Question.

PHP is the answer.

PHP, a widely-used, open source scripting language, is a web designing tool primarily used to generate HTML content, create graphs, parse XML documents and create PDF files. But what does this all mean? For the website owner sitting at his desk looking for a way to be in better control his website, this eBook is designed just for you.

This eBook will explore:

  • How websites are made and used
  • The basics of PHP scripting and coding
  • How to use variables, variable functions, arrays, constants and operators
  • How to use flow control statements
  • PHP application and form handling

If you are at a loss in any way when it comes to building and managing websites with coding, this eBook will help you to achieve a complete, comprehensive picture of what goes on “behind the browser”.

Learn PHP scripting and PHP application with ease. Try our eBook today!

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