CONNOISSEURS 1050 Diamond Dazzle Stick (Тwо Расk)

CONNOISSEURS 1050 Diamond Dazzle Stick (Тwо Расk)

Posted by suryakiranfloral | Published 6 months ago

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Good cleaner.

- hayden_walker

Love this product! I use it frequently and get sparkling results!

- aubriella_harris

I haven’t seen my ring dazzle this much since the day I got engaged. It might even been cleaner! I can not recommend this product enough. Just check out these facets!

- wilson_nguyen

I was so impressed! My diamonds looked like I just got a professional jewelry store cleaning. What I have not gotten from other jewelry cleaners is the polishing component. My gold and silver are so shiny. Next level clean. I cleaned every piece of real jewelry I own. The brush is great to get behind the stones. If you don't get that dirt out, the stone will appear dull. I won’t go back to the liquid cleaners. Love this stuff!

- sariyah_ortiz

while I think this dazzle stick is made for those who travel, I used it immediately to try it out and was amazed at the sparkle of the diamond. I used the brush on the sides and bottom of the diamond, in addition to the top surfaces.
I am well pleased, even though I think it is expensive to use over a jar of liquid diamond ring cleaner.

- iliana_rodriguez

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