Crossfire Trail: A Novel

Crossfire Trail: A Novel

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By: Louis L'Amour

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Rafe Caradec—gambler, wanderer, soldier of fortune—was as hard a man as the battlefields and waterfronts of Latin America could fashion, but he was as good as his word. As Charles Rodney lay dying in a dank ship’s fo’c’sle, Rafe swore to make sure that Rodney’s Wyoming ranch went to his daughter, Ann. In Painted Rock, Wyoming, Caradec found land for a man to love, miles of rolling grasslands and towering mountains. He also found that one of the most ruthless men in the territory had set his sights on both Rodney’s ranch and his daughter. But Rafe Caradec had given his word, and once he’d looked deep into Ann Rodney’s eyes, nothing short of death would stop him from keeping the promise he’d made.
On of Louis L'amour"s best. The story of Crazy Woman ranch captures the rugged unforgiving life in the early pioneering days of Wyoming. When land, women and power was fought for by ruthless men. Seeking power and wealth these heartless men could only be stopped by the courage of men like Raf.

- marleigh_jimenez

Have read this story and many others Louis L'Amour many times. Enjoy them as much today as the first time I read it as a young boy. This book is better than the made for TV movie based on this novel. Good read and great story.

- norah_scott

Very good story and plot. Its a Louis western and you can't go wrong.

- emily_lopez

Love the movie, want to know what the characters are thinking , not just watching movie I have a hard time sitting down to read so I listen while working.

- damian_jackson

I wanted to read the novel upon which one of my favorite Western movies was based. I came to appreciate why Louis L'Amour can write so well-- he has experience as a seaman (important to the start of the book), a boxer, a cowboy and an observant lover of Nature. Great story, great read.

- emmaline_myers

its good

- orlando_evans

Have read several of Lamoors books.They are books you cant lay down after start one. He \writes in such words for description that you feel that you are in the area where nit is taking place.. I will continue to read all of the books , which amount over 128 books.

- fox_gutierrez

Exciting from the very first page as our hero tries to save a friends life aboard ship. Consistently good yarn with plenty of characterization, action,
adventure, just enough romance and even an oil discovery! It does create a problem.....which of the masters book do I read next.

- oscar_alvarez

once more what else can i say about this author,i enjoyed this book, easy to read, The story flows along, the way he sets everything up on the page just leaps out and draws you in,even when not much is happening as far as action is concerned he can still hold your attention. I don't like giving the plot away but if you like westerns then this book or any other Louis L'Amour western tale will not disappoint in my mind. But then I am biased as I read lots of his stories

- landen_anderson

Decent western, goes the way one expects but it still makes enjoyable reading for all that.

- cason_williams

enjoyed it

- jaelyn_taylor

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