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I definitely learned about an era in baseball that I was previously unaware of. The material was interesting; however, the presentation of the information was not done well. I believe the movie tried to be funny. It was not funny. It was a bit corny and the acting was bad.

- hendrix_carter

Wow - this was just plain awful. I get that it was low-budget and can certainly look beyond some of the unintentionally humorous green screen backdrop foibles and obviously (comically?) fake mustaches; however, the poor writing and acting were just too much to ignore. This film was so reminiscent of the camcorder "movies" I would make with my friends in the 1980s - hilarious to us but nearly unwatchable to anyone else.

The story was slow and incoherent. There was a frustrating paucity of baseball action, even when a scene was filmed at an actual ball field. Historical accounts of the ballgames were glossed over. A listing of the participants was all but ignored, beyond those few characters depicted in the movie.

Otherwise, the opening credits portion was well done. The portrayal of Cap Anson was probably the best performance in the film and the writer did not shy away from Anson's controversial views on racism. The synopsis at the end was probably the best part of the movie, mainly because it provided the terminus.

- kieran_martinez

A must for anyone who loves baseball, history, appreciates plays and British style comedy!

- sky_taylor

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