Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool (Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool (2018))

Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool (Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool (2018))

Posted by jack_miller | Published 6 months ago

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By: Christopher Hastings , Salva Espin, et al.

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Collects Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool #1-6.

It’s a Marvelous case of mistaken identity when Wade Wilson, the Regeneratin’ Degenerate you know as Deadpool, kills the wrong secret agent — and has no choice but to take his place and complete his mission! But can Deadpool keep an object of paradoxical power out of the wrong hands? Pitted against the deadly terrorist organization called GORGON, it’s up to Wade Wilson to finish what his superspy victim started as only Deadpool can — with excessive violence, a healing factor and more than a few laughs along the way!
In Secret Agent Deadpool gets to play James Bond. The main problem is DP playing the hapless fool in the middle of a bunch of spies and secret agents with a bad guy plotting against the world has already been done by the Archer TV series.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some good spots in the story such as when DP gets heisted while he is trying to heist a mini-pony. Or when Wade Wilson uses miniature snowmobiles to kill some bad guys. It’s just that trying to make fun of the spy genre has already been done before and so expertly by Archer that it seems like a waste to do that with Deadpool.

The one big twist is at the end when the bad guys talk about controlling god’s pencil and all that means. That was another breakdown of the fourth wall that DP always likes to talk about.

- milo_white

Is your typical deadpool comic overused references and or that meta fourth wall breaking good stuff. But I feel like it did not kept interest don't the best or worst deadpool story but it feels lazy like a bootleg James bond movie. If you're a hardcore fan I say get it but if you are like me and like deadpool but you have a limit then I say save your money and get something else. If you still want some deadpool there are better stories out there like deadpool kills the marvel universe.

- ephraim_diaz

Not as witty as most Deadpool comics, but still very fun to read and enjoyable on its level.

- itzel_ruiz

Great Deadpool comic from the writer of Dr. McNinja!

- colton_cooper

It was a pretty straightforward purchase. I bought it as a gift for my fiancé. He loved it given he loves Deadpool. It came brand new so definitely worth the price.

- lorenzo_long

Quick and efficient shipping! Pristine product!

- emma_smith

A fun Deadpool/James Bond mash-up by Hastings and Espin. The book was obviously goofy but at times actually funny. The problem with most Deadpool books, and its the same here, is that there aren't any actual stakes. Overall, a fun but disposable book.

- axel_jones

Deadpool is one of those characters that can go into any story line. The storyline reminds of the James Bond story’s. Just a lot more funnier. And more adult humour.

- brian_taylor

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