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By: Peter James

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Introducing policeman Glenn Branson...

When actress Gloria Lamark takes her own life, her devoted son, Thomas, is heart-broken. Something must be wrong with a world in which such a tragedy is allowed to happen. How could her high-profile, media-star psychiatrist have failed to save such a special person, whom Thomas loved in such a very special way? Dr Tennent has a lesson to learn - a very painful one.

Michael Tennent is caught up in the first flush of love - but has no idea how dangerous romance can be. For both Michael and Thomas will do anything for the women they love . . .

'James has been compared with Stephen King, but in many ways he's better.' Daily Express

'Peter James is getting better with every book.' Times

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The very best book I have read in years, and I read five books a week. I read "Denial", from digital cover to digital cover, in one sitting. I have not yet been to sleep, and it is now 10:00 in the morning. Am I tired? No! I am wide awake! Completely EXHILARATED! Filled with the excitement and joy brought about by genius story-telling, brilliant prose, fascinating characters and the trance-like immersion one feels when wrapped up in and absorbed by a transcendent literary experience! I LOVED my every moment spent with this profoundly entertaining, enlightening, downright creepy, utterly thrilling, and totally involving, genre-defying masterpiece! The story, or stories... the multiple layers of characters, each character fully-drawn and mesmerizing, then made ever more so as their lives began to connect. These are arresting, brilliant characters, some dedicated and persistent, some motivated in the way that only a profound, life-altering love can inspire, and some wonderfully, bizarrely insane, yet no less gripping for it; living lives without the helpful context of reality. Yet, all of these characters, even the most sane, have to deal with life's "Wrench Thrown Into The Works"; DENIAL. Denial proves to be, in all our lives, essential, unavoidable, and both helpful and disfiguring. This book is a gloriously colorful, intoxicating, and wildly enjoyable, puzzle, being put together by characters, most of whom have no idea that anyone else is working on the same puzzle. Then, as the noose (and the story) tightens, they, still without realizing it, are suddenly sitting at the same table, finding places for the pieces of the puzzle that only they have. Ultimately, this entertainingly diverse handful of characters place a sufficient number of pieces to identify the image of the puzzle, THEN enough to realize that the image is actually a MAP. At this realization, each character BURSTS from the table, STILL unaware that others have been solving the same puzzle, and they dash out, through different doors, to follow the MAP, choosing different starting points, but heading in the same direction. Until they finally MEET, physically, ultimately finding tragedy or salvation, or both, with all of these results proving rather magically satisfying. WE feel triumphant, celebratory. And, YET... there remains one final surprise that will change EVERYTHING! That will make us marvel at Mr. James' pure literary audacity. Because there is one final piece of the puzzle. One we'd all missed. It must have dropped to the floor, hidden under a bed or behind a door. This final, staggering piece (a revelation) is kept from us until the VERY. LAST. MOMENT. That's when Mr. James, almost casually, reaches over our shoulders and puts in place. It is mind-blowing and outrageous and absolutely RIGHT. The puzzle WAS an image, and it WAS a MAP, But, it was also, we now see, a work of art. "Denial" is the rarest of artworks; a perfect book. Peter James is a true artist. And, I thank him for sharing with us this most meticulous and instinctive novel. "Denial" is a true treasure. A brave, outrageous, surprising, enlightening, fully satisfying, thrilling and totally believable testament to humanity's foibles. Our never simple failures, our complicated successes, and our necessary-for-survival, yet just as often necessary-for-our-destruction... denials.

- gabriella_ortiz

I am a great fan of Peter James and have read all the novels to date in the Roy Grace series but only one other of his books, 'Twilight.I am surprised to say that this novel, for me, just did not compare in any way to these. Very quickly I was aware of just where the story was leading and found myself wondering as to how many pages before the scenes of torture commenced. I didn't find the character of Michael Tennent at all plausible, nor was I convinced by the Thomas Lamark character . The novel was all too predictable , not a page turner or in any way gripping! I can't believe that I am writing here about a Peter James novel, very disappointing!

- javier_walker

If you like thrillers where the villain gets away with everything until the last chapter this is for you. Published in 2000 this one stars Glenn Branson as a detective constable in the Brighton police and is well before he teams up with Roy Grace in later James novels. This is a gripping tale of a prominent London psychiatrist who is being stalked by the psychopathic son of a famous film star who blames him for her death and is determined to wreck vengeance on him. A terrifying tale, fasten your seat belt and enjoy.

- giuliana_rogers

Twists and turns that all come together at the end. That's what I like about Mr. James' books. Keeps the reader guessing, wondering and wanting to turn the page to answer those questions.

- brielle_smith

Be forewarned. This book contains extreme torture and many pages of very explicit sex. This book is pornography in my opinion. I stopped reading after a quarter of the way through the book.

- thalia_chavez

Lots of wierdness, nastyness, twists and turns. Nice idea, well executed. A good read.

- moises_thomas

Another excellent thriller from Peter James full of twists and surprises.

- brittany_lopez

Enjoy all Peter James books. This book had a timely and i8nteresting topic.

- luciana_ross

I have read and enjoyed two or three of this author's novels. This one began so promisingly - aging film star, strange relationship with son, radio psychiatrist (I love Frasier), intriguing and well-drawn characters. But then I arrived at the sadism. Why so graphic and unpleasant? I suspended reading after the first few chapters because I simply do not want to read graphic accounts of torture and murder. I would be grateful if readers could direct me towards Peter James novels that don't descend into gore and mutilation - because I do rate him highly as a writer. I just can't stomach this.

- aliana_allen

I have read all of Peter James' "Roy Grace" books and now i am working my way through his earlier works. Some I have enjoyed others not so much. I have just finished this book which I believe was written in 2000. His portrayal of the troubled Thomas' complicated personality disorder had me feeling both loathing and sympathy. The character's misplaced loyalty to his mother had me frustrated, I wanted to shake him.
The investigations of a death in Brighton and missing persons in London demonstrated the interaction between different forces and relied on some coincidence. We saw the introduction of a character Glen Branson who later appears in the Roy Grace stories, was this the precursor?
All in all a good read.

- novalee_johnson

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