DEVOPS 2 Pack Men's Thermal Long Sleeve Compression Shirts

DEVOPS 2 Pack Men's Thermal Long Sleeve Compression Shirts

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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I bought these for my son to wear on cold days under his football Jersey. They were perfect. Exactly as expected. My son is 5'5" and approx 120lb. They are a slightly loose fit on him but that is the way I wanted them to be when I purchased them.

- luna_torres

Great under shirts for cold weather. They insulate well in times of cold like being outside. But THEY ACTUALLY BREATHE INSIDE OF WARM BUILDINGS. I sweat alot when I dress to be warm outside and walk into a warm building that I can not control the thermostat. With these shirts under my work gear I stay cool even in the warmest buildings. But be aware 2 sizes larger than normal t shirt size for loose fit. 1 size larger for snug fit.

- janelle_williams

Got mine yesterday. This thing clings to you like your own skin. As the title stated, when you move, it breathes. Took it for a run this morning, and it allowed air in. Now, i'm sitting at work, and this thing is retaining a good amount of heat; it holds enough to let you know it's there, without being uncomfortable. As others have stated, this is a very good base layer. It's thin and clings well enough that you don't notice it.

- greyson_richardson

I'm a large in most shirts (16.5" neck and 34/35 fitted shirts in collared shirts). Bought the medium because I like base layers to be tighter so they don't move much. The fit was perfect, long enough to tuck into your pants and not ride up.
I thought they were going to be thicker, I'd say these are halfway between under armour warm gear and their thermal gear. For the price these are awesome and will be a good thermal base layer.

- skylar_campbell

I ordered these for my husband, and they work great! I got him size large (he has a 40” chest) and they are perfect. They have a nice snug fit that works great for layering, but can be worn alone as well.

He has worn them many times for walking in thirty-five degree weather, and they keep him very comfortable without being too hot. They are lightweight, but not flimsy or cheap. There is a thin fleece lining inside that makes them cozy, but they are not heavy or bulky in any way.

I have washed these several times in warm water and dried on medium heat, and they haven’t shrunk or anything. I’m very happy so far with their performance and quality.

I took a chance on ordering these because the price seemed too good to be true. Kudos to Devops! They made a great product for a fantastic price! Highly recommended!!

- mark_williams

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