Diamond Mine: a romantic comedy novella

Diamond Mine: a romantic comedy novella

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By: Stephanie Bond

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A jewelry store owner has a love/hate relationship with Valentine's Day!

In DIAMOND MINE, Faith Sherman is reunited with Carter Grayson a year after their disastrous Valentine's Day date, and thinks they might get a second chance at romance. And sure enough, Carter says he's going to be needing an engagement ring soon--for another woman!

Carter Grayson thought he'd never see Faith again--her parting words that he'd never be able to commit have dogged him. To prove she's wrong, he blurts out a lie--a whopper! Too late, he realizes when she discovers his deceit, she might be lost to him forever. A romantic comedy for Valentine's Day and any time you're in the mood for a story to make you laugh and sigh.
Carter and Faith has a past which ended not well, a year later Carter is assigned to help guard a diamond in Faith's store being thrown together Carter realize's what he's been missing, really enjoyed this second chance at love read, the ending was so sweet.

- frankie_baker

Miscues between Faith and Carter from the beginning make a winding path as they try to find each other. Always fun to read Stephanie Bond!

- joyce_scott

Another hit by Stephanie Bond you will enjoy this story and not be able to put it down until your done which. by the way is my reaction to all of this authors books.

- aiyana_carter

I love anything Stephine writes. This book did not disappoint cute story, sexy at times, great characters. It’s a super quick satisfying read.

- ronin_martin

What fun Stephanie Bond has with this novella. Quick, easy read, funny with a splash of sexy. Looking for her next book!

- deacon_johnson

I love every book by Stephanie Bond!! I enjoy reading her books because they relate to real life and they always have humor.

- ricky_hughes

Another great read by Stephanie Bond. I’ve never read anything from her I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. Never want her books to end.

- zackary_peterson

A great novella. Read it in 24 hours. So sweet, kind and funny. Love Ms. Bond’s storytelling. Great read! Way to go.

- jewel_moore

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