Dictionary in French (Beginner Books)

Dictionary in French (Beginner Books)

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By: Dr. Seuss and Odette Filloux

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The Cat in the Hat asks, "Does your cat speak French?", inviting the reader to enter this bilingual dictionary which introduces young leaners to basic French phrases.
I had this book beginning as a second grader and gave myself a great familiarization with this for French in my childhood that has endured to this day. My teen daughter now has this new copy, and she loves the fun way it provides to get a casual comprehension of French. You may also want to select a spoken-French educational product as well to help familiarize your child's ear to accurately spoken French. An adult who wishes to obtain some easy familiarity with the written French language could enjoy this dictionary as well!

- wyatt_harris

Its a really good dictionary if you speak french already. The whole family is trying to learn french. So we are surrounding ourselves with everything french. we bought dvd's, tapes, cd's for the car everything. We're still not that great.
My son was 8 months when we decided to start this. so I got the dictionary thinking I could look up some basic words that we say to the baby everyday. but the words in the dictionary are all in french sentences. so for a person who knows very little french. We don't know which word is which.
I guess I was looking for more of a word for word translation book.
Please, don't get me wrong its not a bad book I know we will get better with our french so it will benefit us one day.

the shipping was very fast and the seller was honest. I really appreciate that.

- dana_flores

This is a great way to introduce young children to French. When some children I babysit for were planning a trip to France with their parents..........I gave them this book beforehand to read in their "free time". When they were in France, they could say more than "oooo la la" !!! They were comfortable with "Hello" and "Good bye", "Please" and "Thank you" plus a few more names of foods and objects. It made their trip that much more interesting, educational and FUN !!!!! And perhaps it will help them continue to develop their appreciation not only of France and Francais...........but maybe to the interest in other countries too. I was happy to pay such a good price for the book, and the vendor sent me what seems to be a brand new copy. It arrived very quickly and in perfect condition !!!!!! Thank You............oo-oops! I mean Merci !!!!!

- lochlan_flores

Love love love this book. My preschoolers are learning French at the moment and I'm really enjoying the words (and phrases) this book offers. (Helpful for Mom, too!)

- natasha_morgan

This book is really thicker than I expected. I love that it is also in English and french and not french alone . This is the biggest book of my preschoolers

- vincenzo_clark

I checked this book out of the library and just had to purchase it. This book really helps you to learn French. I highly recommend this book.

- braydon_gonzales

Bought it for my 6 years old daughter - an awesome book. I am teaching her French and this book is a great tool. We love the book!

- carlos_young

Good book.

- teresa_martin

Utterly charming and pretty clever

- jose_watson

Ordered book, arrived quickly, just as described (used, little worn) - exactly what I wanted.

- blaze_gonzales

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