Donald Trump Mask - Republican Presidential Candidate Mask

Donald Trump Mask - Republican Presidential Candidate Mask

Posted by jack_miller | Published a year ago

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I did get a lot of laughs while wearing this. I didn't like wearing it long term however because it got hot inside and was hard to see out the eye holes. I haven't tried to make any adjustments to the mask I just wore as is. People instantly cracked up laughing when they saw me in it. It's just a little big and you have to keep adjusting it to see straight. Be careful not to knock into things when wearing it. If I was to try wearing this for more than 10 minutes I would have to cut the holes to be bigger so I could see better when walking around and make the holes bigger either in the mouth or nose to breath easier without it getting hot inside the mask.

- marlowe_watson

Awesome mask. Looks just like The Orange One. Angry, ugly face, etc, Scared the crap out of my kids with it. It was also a hit at our daily meeting at work. I wore it to let them know, and I am letting you know this, believe me, that this is the best team of people. Better than the people you know - believe me. This is the best Trump mask; other Trump masks are low-energy and I mean, just look at the faces on them! I am all for masks, I love masks, masks love me, I hate masks, we need to get rid of them, don't worry I will get the mask vote. To those who buy other Trump masks? SAD!

- marco_torres

This is fabulous. My 14 yr old son is highly interested in politics & closely tracked this year's presidential election. At Halloween he wanted me to get him a Trump mask...cost $16 & was the cheap face-only masks. I wasn't going to spend that for something that would not last long. When I saw this, I knew it would be a perfect Christmas present. He loves it. Thinks it's hysterical. Only complaint was that the plastic stunk, which is completely to be expected, so that's not truly a complaint. Much better after a day or two out of packaging. Thanks for a decent product at a decent price

- jaylee_adams

I went to this Halloween Party on Saturday night and people literally stopped me and asked me if they could click some photos with me. It was super fun to wear this mask outside on the roads. Although I was scared a bit initially, but the response of the people watching me was fabulous. It is a perfect trump mask. Highly recommended.

- emory_miller

I bought this intending it to be an easily disposable thing I used once. It's actually a decent quality, and I'll take it along to protests and such. It got a little squashed in the mail, but not so badly I couldn't wear it right away and I was able to press it back into good shape with a warm washcloth.

- hadassah_perez

With all the great reviews, I expected more from this mask, which my son plans to wear for Halloween. I wasn't surprised by the smell; I've purchased other latex masks before and they all suffer from this disorder. However, the mask we received was somewhat misshapen, and did not live up to the photo on the product page.

For one thing, on our mask, Trump's mouth is significantly smaller. His nose is also smaller, and kind of bent to one side, with no real way to remedy that. It fits somewhat oddly on my son's head, and is a bit on the small side, so that when he places his chin in the bottom of the mask, it pulls the mask down and alters its shape.

It's okay. But not great.

- carolina_flores

My teenage son is fascinated by Donald Trump. We originally bought this to support a boy scout skit, but it has since made appearances at a school skits and several family events. It looks enough like Trump to be recognizable as him, but it is not a perfect likeness - good enough for boy scout skits but not good enough to allow you to withdraw money from Trump's account at your local bank. It is a full-head mask so it looks good from the sides as well as the front.

- daniel_anderson

This mask is just as hideous as it looks online. Perfect for a simple halloween costume.

- raelyn_thomas

open in the back not so good

- simon_morales

This was a huge hit! Everyone loved it! Fit an adult man perfect!!

- zaiden_perez

Great value

- everly_brooks

Mask fits perfect. Good quality. I used this Trump mask to play a couple Megadeth covers. I have been getting bullied a lot from a bunch of people who don't know me. I asked them several times to stop but they kept it going anyways and wouldn't leave me alone. I hate the attention I keep getting but I also know that staying away from the internet won't stop them from picking on me. Since Trump is so controversial in the media I thought I would make a statement playing drums with his mask. All eyes would be on me now whether I liked it or not. Politics are the cause of so many wars not people. If our politicians could all get together to discuss things and make deals there would be no war. It's a great mask for any musician. Especially if you are going to play Megadeth. Make a statement with the presidents mask. When im being bullied by a bunch of people online they feel some sort of emotion. I put a lot into my performances and I want people to feel something when they see me play.

- nayeli_patel

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