Dr. Seuss's Circus McGurkus 1,2,3! Cloth Book (Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection)

Dr. Seuss's Circus McGurkus 1,2,3! Cloth Book (Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection)

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By: Dr. Seuss

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Dr. Seuss's antic classic If I Ran the Circus inspired this deluxe cloth book with a counting theme that is perfect for babies and toddlers. From its plush velour cover to its Seussian text and interactive features—including an imbedded rattle—children will be completely engaged! This "stoopendous" plush edition is a perfect baby gift, packaged in a sturdy box and ready for gift wrap!
This and the “Dr. Seuss - Cat in the Hat Rag Book” are the only cloth books that actually have a little short story with fun rhyming words and bright illustrations that I can find. My 2yr old daughter loves bedtime stories and wants to keep the last book we read in bed when I leave her so she can look through them on their own, but she also rips them up. Even board books. We love them so much, when my dog decided to chew her Circus McGurkus Rag Book up, I came to amazon in search of a another, found out they made another Rag Book (Cat in the Hat) and bought both. You won’t be disappointed!

- aadhya_lopez

Come on....what's not to like? Dr. Seuss cloth book is perfect for our 11 month old grandchild.

- makayla_jones

Except for the few gimmicks such as the tweet and the rattle, there is very little to look at. The colors are not bright enough to entice my 4 month old. He loves his other Lamaze cloth books better.

- victoria_jackson

I bought this for my son who is now 7 months old. He enjoys reading this and playing with the interactive parts, especially the drum that you can shake. For some reason numbers 4 and 5 get only one page each with less text and less interactivity than the other numbers, but still a fun quick little book to read with baby.

- everlee_morris

This is a pretty awesome counting and actuvity book, I wish it offered more activties but my LO really likes it

- jonah_diaz

Wonderful fun!! Just right for a child getting used to books. Look forward to more of this series. thank you.

- kyla_mendoza

Got it for great-grandchildren, and their parents loved it.

- malcolm_patel

It's Dr. Seuss - always great

- paula_campbell

Fabulous book, ideal for early readers and who doesn’t love Dr Suess?

- kash_diaz

This is a lovely book, with a 'drum' for baby to bang and a flap with a trapeze artist to swish around. My granddaughter is nine months old, loves books and has been enjoying this new one.

- carlos_young

Book quality is perfect. Cloth is good for kids.
Rattle is there. But...
No squeaker as written in description so its disappointing to not get what is described.

- ingrid_young

Amazing...Soft cloth and a rattle sound maker in-between the pages..A wonderful book for all lil ones...I don't have to worry about the edges or anything with my baby...over n above so bright n attractive...a lil overpriced yes n few pages...but it's different and a feel good texture for kids

- keith_castillo

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