Dragon Ball Full Color Freeza Arc, Vol. 3 (3)

Dragon Ball Full Color Freeza Arc, Vol. 3 (3)

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By: Akira Toriyama

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Goku and his friends journey to the planet Namek to confront the deadliest enemies Earth has ever seen—in full color!

After years of training and adventure, Goku has become Earth's ultimate warrior. And his son, Gohan, shows even greater promise. But the stakes are increasing as even deadlier enemies threaten the planet. Now experience this legendary manga classic in full color!

Gohan and Kuririn, forced to team up with Vegeta, stand their ground against the Ginyu Force while Goku tries to get his body back. Gohan and Kuririn must now use the seven Dragon Balls of Namek to summon the mighty Dragon Lord, who can grant any three wishes. What will they wish for?
A Great way to experience the Manga Story of DBZ. I enjoy seeing the color changes from The Full Color Manga to the Anime. Also I assume this is the closest translation of DBZ.

- rohan_ramos

This covers chapters 35 (Super Saiyan?!) through 51(The Transformation).

All the DBZ glory in full color manga format.

The book feels like it is built to last.

Highly recommended.

- jonathan_diaz

A dragonball fan must own

- holden_adams

Classic dragon ball in all it's full color glory!

- ryker_walker

Another great release. If you like Dragon Ball and are collecting the manga, Full Color is a great addition. Beautiful. (If you have never read the manga, you're missing out. It's the original material!)

- mina_johnson

Helped my friend to buy it. Exactly what he expected!

- kassidy_lopez

This was the only book that came damaged. Big line scratched up in the middle of the hole book.

- oliver_rodriguez

It was what he wanted

- langston_howard

wish all manga was in color amazing buy!

- griffin_nelson

The color edition is simply amazing. My only wish is that the entire series was available in color.

Some people are complaining about Bulma's hair being purple but originally she did have purple hair in the manga. In the anime, they changed it to that greenish blue.

- caleb_roberts

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