egonomics: What Makes Ego Our Greatest Asset (or Most Expensive Liability)

egonomics: What Makes Ego Our Greatest Asset (or Most Expensive Liability)

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By: David Marcum and Steven B. Smith

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In this original, eye-opening work, authors David Marcum and Steven Smith argue that the upside of ego is as powerful as the downside and answer questions about ego that have been a mystery to most people.

In his landmark book, Good to Great, Jim Collins showed that one of two key traits defined leaders who transformed organizations from good to great: humility. But if humility is so powerful, why don't more of us have it? Why does ego allow us to reach good results but never great ones, unless balanced by humility? Why do we need ego to personally succeed, while having it often interferes with the success we pursue? Using five years of exhaustive research, Marcum and Smith provide compelling evidence and matter-of-fact answers on striking the balance between ego and humility to reach the next level of leadership. The authors include case studies to illustrate how ego subtly interferes with success but also how ego sparks the drive to achieve, the nerve to try something new, and the tenacity to conquer adversity.

We all have moments when ego costs us everything from an honest conversation to a job or promotion. Through cross-disciplinary research, egonomics reveals how to detect four early warning signs that ego is becoming a liability, including how:

• being too competitive makes you less competitive
• defending ideas turns into defending yourself
• winning ideas can be halted by the creator's own intelligence and talent
• desiring respect and recognition can interfere with success

With a clear focus on elevating the way you do business, egonomics is a liberating approach to becoming a rare and respected leader.
This is a great book that I use to keep my ego in check while at work. Knowing that all things good and bad come from the ego or the suppression there of will help guide success. This book will help you better understand your personal relationships as well. It is a must read for anybody who wants to become humbly successful.

- kamden_young

'Egonomics' is a superb account of the effects of excessive and inadequate ego on business performance. Thankfully, the authors took a practical and applied approach to their work instead of the more typical complex, theoretical approach so often seen in other bodies of work. There is ample evidence for anyone who pays attention to human interaction, particularly in the business environment, of these qualities of humility, curiosity, and veracity either contributing to or detracting from productivity at every level of the organization. If `Level 5' leaders possess these qualities as well, that's about all I need to know to be sure we're on the right track, aside from good common sense. Few authors have laid it on the line and it's long overdue. Marcum and Smith have done the business world a huge favor.

Jerry Stigall- Director, Organization Development
Douglas County Government

- boston_collins

If you ever picture yourself in a leadership role of any kind and want to be exceptional, READ THIS BOOK. The authors demonstrate how our ego can get in our way or allow us to achieve greatness, if we are paying attention. Our egos are our biggest enemies or our best allies. It all depends of staying awake and aware.

- cameron_reyes

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to read Egonomics before it's published. I can't stop talking to others in leadership positions about it. I support and believe whole heartedly the advise given in the book. The authors presentation of their findings is straight forward and easy to digest. As the Founder and CEO of a small business for 18 years I found the book helpful in transitioning my thinking. Also, this is a perfect follow up read to Jim Collin's book "Good to Great". The logic behind their findings should be taken seriously by all leaders who really are seeking to be level 5 leaders. It makes total sense and is attainable if you have the commitment and willingness to have your company grow and suceed long-term. THANK YOU!!!

- dallas_reyes

This is really an amazing book. Many of the concepts that they talk about in this book can be used both in our personal life as well as our professional life. There are many issues that are shared in the book which happen around us on a day to day basis but they are things that we don't notice that much, but these little things are the one that affect us most.

- vaughn_morris

This book truly helped me to recognize the scenarios where my personal ego, my colleagues ego and our personal attachment to ideas are simply getting in the way of progress. The tactics and techniques offered in this book will definitely be put into practice, in fact I employed many of these tactics as I was reading the book. Bottom line, this book should be mandatory for all people managers and executives.

- layla_sanchez

This book offers a decent perspective about team building. I

- dylan_lewis

Great book

- miley_thompson

This book is a great explanation of how the ego can get in the way of people's contribution to their organisation, and how to align with principles that can balance the ego's effects. It is a very important contribution to the field of organisation development.

- van_hernandez

Excellent book! Essencial to understand how good and bad decisions are made in the workplace and how it affects one's performance.

- zane_johnson

Livro muito bom. Linguagem clara e com exemplos facilitando ainda mais o entendimento do conteúdo. Os resumos no final de cada capítulo também ajudam muito a fixar o que foi dito.

- amalia_gonzales

I love this book.

- shawn_gray

Exceptionally Fast Shipping - Good Quality Item!

- dominic_kelly

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