Elon Musk: This Book Is about Rockets

Elon Musk: This Book Is about Rockets

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By: Evan Loomis and Levi Bethune

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Rockets are awesome! Elon Musk thinks so too. Elon Musk has helped to revolutionize banking, transportation, energy, and of course space travel. But how did he get to where he is? And what fuels him to reach for the next big thing? This book is about rockets, but maybe it's about something bigger, too.
 Evan Loomis and Levi Bethune have put together a fantastic book here: it's playfully laid out in a way that really engages kids, has great illustrations, and it gives kids the opportunity to dream big. I have 5 kids, ages 12 to 2, and they all love the book.

Here's a clip I grabbed this weekend when I saw two of my kids reading it together. As you can see, the 2-year old has learned her cue: "Rockets!" And my 11-year old was telling me yesterday that she wants to invent things . . . I don't think that aspiration came out of the blue.

- aubriella_harris

My 3 year old daughter loved this book, and has repeatedly asked to read it again (she loves the cues to shout "rockets!" throughout the book. The book is cleverly written to engage little minds about a current, real-life entrepreneur and his journey to get where he is today, offering many important lessons along with way.

- jessie_morales

This book is so much fun! My 5 and 3 year old loved this book and had fun shouting out “ROCKET!”. What a great way to introduce Elon Musk to kids in a humorous exciting way. This is a must for any kid who loves rockets.

- imani_hill

This book is first and foremost, fun. Yes, it is educational, inspiring, lessons learned and mistakes corrected, but before all that, this book is fun! What more could you ask in children's literature? The book has a tempo and illustrations that will keep a young child engaged, and vocabulary and relatable experiences for a school-age child. From tacos to rockets, mistakes and explosions, and a love of reading and inventing, this book has it all to inspire a 3-year-old and parent alike. I highly recommend this as a Christmas, birthday, hostess, or teacher gift for a child age 3-72.

- alex_gomez

This is Milo's (4 yrs) new favorite book!! I learned some things too! The story is captivating and easy to understand, the illustrations are amazing, but the message behind it is the best part of all. It's opened up conversations we might not have had otherwise! (And I'm secretly hoping this is the first in a long line of hero books I can expose him to!)

- alvaro_phillips

This book is our son's favorite book (he's 3 years old). We read it 2-3 times in a row every night! I love how entertaining, educational, inspiring and captivating this book is. It's sparked our son's imagination and he's asking more questions about electric cars, solar power, rockets and so much more. I wish more children's books were this fun and educational! The illustrations are exciting and well done, and the writing it witty and informative. Can't recommend it enough!

- tinsley_torres

Loved this book! It is a perfect book with a great message about persevering. It is funny and educational. My kids ages 3-11 love it! They liked it so much they each wanted to give a copy to their teachers. It is a fun book.

- annalee_martin

What a fun, exciting, informative and inspiring children’s book! Our son is 4 and he loves to pick this out as part of his nightly bed time routine, it has opened up some meaningful conversations about friends, books, science and what he wants to “be when he grows up!”

- rory_ward

My nephews had this book and I picked it up and lived it. I’m an Elon Musk fan and this book displays his enthuasim for rockets really well. It’s also beautifully illustrated and worth buying alone for the images.

- canaan_adams

I found this a great book for my 7 year old. Very simple to read with lovely illustrations

- brayan_williams

Would recommend to anyone. Talks about the life of Elon and his achievements and failures. Book is much bigger than expected and daughter loves it.

- tenley_rivera

Love this book!

- heath_james

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