elope Dr. Seuss Cat in The Hat Insta-Tux Costume Kit

elope Dr. Seuss Cat in The Hat Insta-Tux Costume Kit

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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Fit my 6 yr old grandson perfectly. Filled a long tube balloon with air and winded into hat to keep hat upright and it didn't add any extra weight. Added white bath mittens from the dollar store to complete costume. He loved it.

- bennett_thompson

I wore this for work last Halloween and it was very cute

- sylas_parker

I loved that I didn't have to get a whole body costume for this that was hot and complex. I went to an outdoor Trunk or Treat that was blazing hot, so I just wore a short sleeve black tee shirt underneath and was very comfortable! Then actual Halloween was pretty cold, so I wore a long sleeve black sweater underneath. Loved the versatility! The bow/fur piece has loops that you can use to attach to the buttons of a button-up shirt, but since I didn't want to wear that, I had to use safety pins. I wish there was a better option, like maybe a ribbon to go around the neck?

- aleah_davis

I wanted a costume for work that I could move in and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. This worked well. The hat was a little wrinkled but stayed on my head all day without issue. I used a safety pin to attach the chest piece to my shirt. Decent quality for the price. I added a $2 black cat tail from Target and drew on whiskers to complete the look.

- josephine_miller

Easy costume when you need something quick. Throw on some black pants and shirt and you're good to go!

Suggest steaming the hat since it comes with a lot of wrinkles.

- lila_martinez

The adult set was cheaper than the kid set so I purchased it for my 6 year old. It came in and fit just fine. I would definitely recommend buying the adult set so that you can get longer wear if you are purchasing for a child.

- jesus_baker

This was great for our purpose! My daughter was on a small team for our district’s Battle if the Books.
I don’t know if it will get reused much, but it’s still in good shape. 💙

- veda_murphy

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