elope Jimi Hendrix Costume Hat for Adult Men

elope Jimi Hendrix Costume Hat for Adult Men

Posted by leeshkay | Published 7 months ago

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This hat is way better than what you would expect for a costume hat and the low price. I'm a professional street performer and I use it in my show. I use it on sunny days when I perform on the Santa Monica Pier. It takes sweat well and doesn't get weird or stinky. The hat is fairly large. I have a big head and wear at least a seven and a half on most hats and this is just slightly large on me but I can wear it fine. It also stays on my head well when the wind kicks up while doing Dancin Dave dance party Santa Monica Pier.

- louise_jones

This is strictly a custom hat it's a huge disappointment it felt like Eddie Van Halen doing Hendrix, it was that bad!

- kaden_rodriguez

Great looking hat!

- connor_parker

Beautiful hat, well made. So far as we can tell it's actual suede leather, certainly looks & feels like it. Very happy w/item!

- ryleigh_stewart

Was dubious that one size fits all but it gas some unique construction

- celeste_murphy

Jimi Hendrix Memories !!!

- ariya_adams

You gotta have this hat if you're gonna be Jimi!

- kalani_adams

For the price you might expect something cheap you might find at a costume store, but this hat is awesome and good to wear everyday. It's not the same quality as a 200$ Stetson but far better than u would expect for so cheap.

- claire_carter

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