Emerson, Thoreau, and the Transcendentalist Movement

Emerson, Thoreau, and the Transcendentalist Movement

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By: The Great Courses, Ashton Nichols Ph.D. University of Virginia, et al.

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The America we know today is so different in its fundamental views about almost every aspect of life as to be unrecognizable to our countrymen of two centuries ago. On issues as divergent as slavery, women's rights, education, the environment, and many others, we are simply no longer the country we were.

What is the source of not only these changes, but of our distinctly American way of experiencing ourselves-confident in our value as individuals, certain of our ability to discover truths, self-reliant in the face of uncertainty and change? Answers to questions like these and so many more are found in and around Boston and Concord, Massachusetts, which became, little more than five decades after the American Revolution, the epicenter of a profoundly influential movement that would make possible the America we know today. That movement was Transcendentalism-the subject of an extraordinary 24-lecture series by an award-winning teacher, scholar, and journalist.

You'll learn how Transcendentalism-drawing on an array of influences from Europe and the non-Western world-also offered uniquely American perspectives of thought: an emphasis on the divine in nature, on the value of the individual and intuition, and on belief in a spirituality that might "transcend" one's own experienceto provide a guide for daily living. And you'll learn how Transcendentalism's impact was rooted in the intellectual energy of two remarkable individuals: Ralph Waldo Emerson, the most important figure behind Transcendentalism in America, and Henry David Thoreau, his most influential disciple. Along with a diverse group of intellectual activists, literary figures, and social reformers, their ideas would remake America.

Whether you are a student seeking more information or someone like me intense learner always seeking knowledge the great courses are fantadtic. Never a boring moment. The quality of the product speaks for itself. And the never before heard of life time guarantee and replacement of damaged discs or audio tapes providing the course is still being produced says a lot. There is something for everyone. And top professors in the country are selected to produce each course.

Customer service is outstanding at all times. In this course,the viewer learns about American culture and ideas in literature separate from the European model style and philosophy. And even more so withe the emergence of more female writers coming to light.

In addition to this, the transcendentist movement crossed life barriers, religious barriers and regional barriers in the United States. Brought new life and blood into these areas via literature and how writers expressed and revealed different emotions on paper. it boosted the individual's education process and way of thinking in a free society - allowing for individual growth as opposed to an authoritarian attitude in the field of education. Very dynamic course.

- gabriel_walker

I wondered what the condition of this Great Course would be, since it was such a good price. It is clean, perfect condition and the book is included. Very happy.

- marina_gonzales

Eminently readable for new-comers to the two Greats of American Classic literature.

- catherine_ross

This is my second course. Lived the driest one(Lincoln) and this one is just as great!
I will order another ine

- mckinley_torres

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