eSCAPE: The 4 Stages of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

eSCAPE: The 4 Stages of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

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By: Anik Singal and Daymond John

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Being an Entrepreneur isn’t WHAT you do – it’s WHO you are.
Many dream about becoming an Entrepreneur, yet no one has ever discovered the right formula to becoming one. What separates the Entrepreneurs who succeed from those who fail? Unfortunately, as we grow up “in the system” Entrepreneurship is never really presented as an option. As a matter of fact, everything we learn while growing up actually works against us when trying to succeed as an Entrepreneur.

Well that stops today.

In eSCAPE: The 4 Stages of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur, Anik Singal takes you on a journey through the mind of a true Entrepreneur; learn exactly what tools are required to succeed, and transition from employee to Entrepreneur.
Lots of rehashed info and platitudes. And what is with all the reviewer photos of themselves or themselves with the book. This is so weird. You don't see people posting pictures of themselves for other products. This screams fake reviews. "Look we are real people!" Like another reviewer stated your much better off reading MJ Demarco or anyone with real 5 star reviews.

- whitney_nguyen

I bought this book because there were 99% 5 star reviews and I was very excited too read it. I very very rarely 1 star books but this is needed so people buying this book know how to expect. Super repetitive, 0 value, teaches you the basic about productivity. If you are a person that has a bit of discipline and motivation, this is a complete waste of time. STAY AWAY!!!

- alondra_rogers

I read Rich Dad Poor Dad books and that of course educated me a lot, but I think that after you read those books you still have to have a more detailed constrictive book that should guide you through all the obstacles of an entrepreneur, you need someone to push you through the hard times every entrepreneur goes through -not just you..- (and that's not gonna be your boss) so when no one holds you accountable you can hit the snooze button but your business will fail, Anik really goes through the steps of taking away the obstacles so you can succeed, just one example that helped me with a business idea from this book, to stop focusing on many ideas (even it feels more cool..) and only focus on one idea and master it, so that's what I did, and I'm deeply involved in putting up this one business, I would never hold this far if I would be busy with other ideas at the same time. it may sound simple but all those small distractions or things mentioned in this book delays your success and eventually make you failing. so I would definitely recommend this book if you have an urge to become an entrepreneur but don't seem to succeed as you would want to.

- mabel_gomez

I am in love with this book, I 100% cannot put it down. every morning I wake up get my cup of coffee and zip out a few chapters of eSCAPE. Do you need this book? YES! Should you get this book? YES! Make the choice, get the book & change your life.

- eloise_hughes

Honestly, this book blew my mind and my expectations. I learned so much about myself and about my journey.

I’ve been on this journey for roughly 5 years now and the parts that never made sense before, are absolutely clear to me now and my weaknesses have been supported by people in my team. I’ve also been able to see my weaknesses as others strengths and been able to surround myself with people on a deeper level that have my back and want to support me!

Thank you so much Anik!

- parker_garcia

Im at a point in my life where im starting my business but i felt completely lost in the process. Im not only gonna read this book various times but also study it as my bible. It gives u the complete foundation of what you need to be a successful entrepreneur.

- abdullah_perez

After reading many many books on entrepreneurship, I though I was not going to learn that much from this book. But the content is just so unique and powerful, that Im just amazed by what I learned. Just grab this book.

- rylie_edwards

Havent been able to put it down. is also very good complement to book.

- johanna_roberts

After seeing the ads so many times, I felt annoyed by it, but one day I decided to get that book. No regrets. After taking the E.score test, I learned more about what am I missing to fully embrace entrepreneurship. Get this book

- shiloh_anderson

This was one of the first books I read before I started my entrepreneurial journey and it changed my life! This didn't just give me the confidence I needed, but also a guideline on how to be structured. The perfect book for people that are thinking to start or are struggling as an entrepreneur. Read this book 3 times now to print it even more in me, thank you Anik!

- zaniyah_anderson

Great book for how to plan to becoming an entrepreneur
It breaks down what you need to do and who you have to be to achieve your goals and dreams

I will study this book front to back and back to front! I know it will help towards my success

- myah_edwards

One of those books u don’t wanna put down. Good book. Really good book.

- mckinley_torres

Awesome book. Highly recommended. Anik has very carefully thought out the life changing content in this book. God bless you brother!!

- emmitt_allen

I expected to learn and exercise some tips and tricks in each stages. But instead I'm introduced to the core fundamental characteristics that make up an entrepreneur. Theses foundations help an aspiring entrepreneur to find the direction that needed work. Highly recommend to the fresh aspiring entrepreneur. This is the first book I read about being an entrepreneur. I wish there would be more exercises for the development in each stage. Happy Learning.

- louisa_phillips

He gave beautiful piece of advises and guidance and proven techniques to implement and work on it a accordingly.
Here is some thing i presume many would be wondering , when you started this business's and many line of business which you mentioned in book and what kind of them and so on, just curious to know it . Thanks Anik

- cannon_carter

Want to read this book on my Kindle but It's not Sync to my kindle device. Other all the books are sync to my kindle device. I have check my account login and othe thinks.

Right now i'm reading this book in but want to read it on my Kindle device whenever I want.

- gibson_lee

One of the best book i read about entrepreneurship . Must read for people who really want to movr from employee to entrepreneurship

- lennox_davis

This book is one of the best business books I have ever read and i have read over 700 books. Every section just seemed to hit everything I have ever dealt with as an entrepreneur. Anik addressed a lot of what I call the soft skills, which a lot of business books ignore. Good job.

- lyric_miller

It’s an awesome book and it helped me identify my weaknesses which I need to work on now , and this book is very valuable:

- marina_gonzales

Ho assimilato 3-4 concetti davvero interessanti. molto "americano", un po' "costruito", ma efficace nell'aprire la mente su alcuni aspetti fondamentali del pensarsi imprenditori

- zane_johnson

Very insightful!
It truly shows that there's work involved with becoming an entrepreneur. If only they would have classes in school that were that informative...

- livia_allen

Excellent book. Essential for all aspiring entrepreneurs.
The only problem is you have to purchase a physical book directly from Lurn, to avail awesome bonuses.

- danielle_gomez

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