Essay Collection : Faith, Christianity and the Church

Essay Collection : Faith, Christianity and the Church

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By: C.S. Lewis

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The definitive collection of religious essays by C.S. Lewis, plus a selection of letters, brought together in a substantial paperback volume As well as his many books, letters and poems, C.S. Lewis also wrote a great number of essays and shorter pieces on various subjects. He wrote extensively on Christian theology and the defence of faith, but also on various ethical issues and on the nature of literature and story-telling. This second volume (of two) collects together all Lewis's religious essays. Grouped together by topic, there are over 50 essays covering The Search for God, Aspects of Faith, The Christian in the World, The Church, and also a selection of his Letters on the subject of Christianity.
C. S. Lewis, as usual, does not disappoint from a philosophical and theological perspective. His knowledge is overwhelming on occasion; but, his dedication can always be seen and felt. Any person wishing to look more deeply into their dedication and commitment to a spiritual base or concept will be well served by reading this book.

- duncan_morris

Wow, wow, wow. Can't say enough. This is a very cool read. The breadth of essays and articles they have included in the book is fantastic. I'm pleased with this book.

- kailee_baker

My love for CS Lewis grows every year. This collection of essays is thoroughly challenging and equally satisfying. Highly recommended.

- jorge_torres

Book in great condition

- miguel_ramos

Finally all essays on one place if only they have ebook version.

- miya_long

No one does it better. He is an unabashed Christian. Erudite and humble, a rare combo.

- dillon_harris

These essays can be found in other works, but I always buy anything I come across by Lewis and I am never disappointed. I had read these before, but his works, for me, always reveal new insight regardless of how familiar one is with them.

- hunter_evans

This is an absolutely extraordinary collection. While it does not contain all the works that "C.S. Lewis: Essay Collection and Other Short Pieces" does, it contains a great number of his bests for around $15 as compared to $150 for the latter work (including: God in the Dock, The World's Last Night, and The Weight of Glory). I had an incredibly hard time finding the complete list of essays included (I ended up having to look at the Canadian HarperCollins Website), so I'll post the complete list here:
1. The Grand Miracle
2. Is Theology Poetry?
3. The Funeral of a Great Myth
4. God in the Dock
5. What Are We to Make of Jesus Christ?
6. The World's Last Night
7. Is Theism Important?
8. The Seeing Eye
9. Must Our Image of God Go?
10. Christianity and Culture
11. Evil and God
12. The Weight of Glory
13. Miracles
14. Dogma and the Universe
15. 'Horrid Red Things'
16. Religion: Reality or Substitute?
17. Myth Became Fact
18. Religion and Science
19. Christian Apologetics
20. Work and Prayer
21. Religion Without Dogma?
22. The Decline of Religion
23. On Forgiveness
24. The Pains of Animals
25. Petitionary Prayer
26. On Obstinacy in Belief
27. What Christmas Means to Me
28. The Psalms
29. Religion and Rocketry
30. The Efficacy of Prayer
31. Fern-seed and Elephants
32. The Language of Religion
33. Transposition
34. Why I Am Not a Pacifist
35. Dangers of National Repentance
36. Two Ways With the Self
37. Meditation on the Third Commandment
38. On Ethics
39. Three Kinds of Men
40. Answers to Questions on Christianity
41. The Laws of Nature
42. Membership
43. The Sermon and the Lunch
44. Scraps
45. After Priggery-What?
46. Man or Rabbit?
47. 'The Trouble with "X"...'
48. On Living in an Atomic Age
49. Lilies That Fester
50. Good Work and Good Works
51. A Slip of the Tongue
52. We Have No ' Right to Happiness'
53. Christian Reunion
54. Priestesses in the Church?
55. On Church Music
56. The Conditions for a Just War
57. The Conflict in Anglican Theology
58. Miracles
59. Mr. C.S. Lewis on Christianity
60. A Village Experience
61. Correspondence with an Anglican who Dislikes Hymns
62. The Church's Liturgy, Invocation and Invocation of Saints
63. The Holy Name
64. Mere Christians
65. Canonisation
66. Pittenger-Lewis and Version Vernacular
67. Capital Punishment and Death Penalty

- eddie_castillo

No-one should, if at all possible, go through life without having a thousand mysteries clear up by this amazingly lucid mind. No need to plough through, cover to cover. Just dip in, think and reflect. It changes one's whole perspective on life

- charlotte_miller

For those familiar with C. S. Lewis, this book rounds up many pieces I've not seen elsewhere. In that it is a joy and worthwhile read. Interspersed among some otherwise unseen essays from throughout his life and career are several unfinished works that were less fulfilling when not rounding out the full ideas he must have been intending to make. Those are few and can be read after their introduction, or not. But the vast majority of essays were either a review or new pearls for those seeking the insight of this teacher, a treasure of our age.

- paulina_howard

What you get from anything by CS Lewis is beautifully written, thought provoking wisdom from start to finish. and this is the best single collection of his work available. It would accompany me to a desert island. You can't seem to order it as a hardback from an ordinary high street bookstore any more.

- aldo_gomez

Great reading

- emmett_harris

Every professing Christian should have one in their home.

- rayna_harris

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