Essays of Warren Buffett Lessons for Investors and Managers

Essays of Warren Buffett Lessons for Investors and Managers

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By: Warren Buffett

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Essays of Warren Buffet Lessons for Investors and Managers
This is an excellent book which is a collection of excerpts from the annual letter to shareholders from Berkshire. Cunningham has done an superb job of collating this material and extracting the most important sections which give detailed and in depth view of the workings of Buffett and Charlie Munger and lay out his philosophy and his strategies and his evolution as an investor, which I found particularly fascinating. His move from being a Graham clone to his adoption of Fisher's approach and his fine tuning of his criteria for investmnet.He deals with the amazing successes and the numerous failures and mistakes. For anyone interested in improving their investment expertise and learning about Buffett's approach this is an absolute must. A book that I shall revisit time and again.The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Investors and Managers

- lara_collins

Lots of generic advice, quite repetitive, uses a lot of business jargon, best if you have plenty of money to store in investments to get a reasonable return.

- ariah_thompson

This is an excellent down to earth discourse on Berkshire Hathaways business along with amusing asides. It is written, as usual, in laymans terms, and does not seek to confuse like many current publications.
Well worth a read, and certainly, you will gain a lot of insight.

- lacey_myers

The best book about Warren Buffett and his managerial way and practical advice. A lot of useful and important insights and points. Love it.

- reginald_torres

Great read on investing. Good value for money is what I always demand...worth so much more than the cost of the book. What more could one ask for?

- rhea_gutierrez

I am a big fan of Buffet and have some other books about his works also. This book is definitely a good general read (provided of course you are interested in subject) and gives good insight. Definitely recommend.

- judith_rivera

A lot of repetition but a valuable insite into the success of one of the worlds greatest investors...

- lyle_castillo

just what we wanted thanks a lot

- aniya_young

Mr Buffet never fails to amaze and dazzle the financial world. Great Product , great author and seer of the financial world.

- kane_phillips

A classic

- jaxen_sanchez

Ich habe sowohl das Audiobuch für Autofahrten als auch das Taschenbuch gekauft. Der Inhalt ist großartig und sehr lehrreich, auch wenn man einiges kostenfrei im Internet finden kann, bevorzuge ich die Buchform. Ich würde es jederzeit wieder kaufen, da der Inhalt zeitlos und auf jede Marktsituation anwendbar ist.

- samantha_turner

What a pleasure to read this collection of essays from one of the greatest investors of all times. You basically get 328 pages of investment wisdom coupled with Buffett's irresistible humor. A must-have in your "value" collection along with Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor by Graham and Dodd, and Margin of safety (if you can put your hand on it) by Seth Klarman.

- clarissa_cox

This book covers all the basics of what to consider if you want to become a successful investor. It is not a get rich quick book though so no quick and easy fixes, it's all about the long term..

- casen_martinez

I think it is a good Book for all the people who like mr. Buffet, but to understand the first few Pages you Need to understand the subject a Bit

- ramona_castillo

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