Exit to Eden

Exit to Eden

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By: Anne Rice and Anne Rampling

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The bold erotic masterpiece by #1 New York Times bestselling author Anne Rice writing as Anne Rampling.

They call her the Perfectionist. A stunning, mysterious, and fearless sexual adventurer, Lisa is founder and supreme mistress of The Club—an exclusive island resort where forbidden fantasy meets willing flesh. Here eager participants who can afford life's most exquisite luxuries can experience the breathtaking pleasures of surrender and submission. Here nothing is taboo.

A thrill-seeking photojournalist, Elliott risks his life daily in the most dangerous, war-torn regions on Earth. Now he has come to Paradise to explore his most savage and vulnerable sexual self, committed to the ultimate plunge into personal risk.

Together, their journey to the limits of erotic pleasure will take them farther than they ever dreamed they'd go . . .

I am usually a big fan of Anne Rice but I have found that when it comes to erotica there is no middle ground with her. I found the Sleeping Beauty trilogy to be an intense, draw dropping, sometime rage inducing, read; however Exit to Eden seems to be on the opposite spectrum. The book starts out setting high hopes for a steam filled read, with a main character who may actually know what they are doing and then...nothing. It went from a bondage based book to what can be described as just a romance of two very high strung confused people, very quickly. Frankly, if I wanted to read a drama based filler of two overly dramatic people, I would just log onto Facebook.

- august_price

One of the themes that runs thru Anne Rice's work is surely sadomasochism. The Beauty trilogy-plus-one is the purest example. But Exit to Eden gives us more real people wrestling with their fantasy roles and seeking a deeper bond within their natures. This book, and even the much panned movie, deserve more attention than they have had.

- giuliana_rogers

This is a romance book. Not a girlie romance where boy meets girl, loses girl, finds girl. More this book is girl loses herself, boy finds himself, girl meets boy and runs...away with boy. If you liked the Sleeping Beauty series, The Marketplace, and Devil in the Details, you will like this book. It is sophisticated and sweet and an intriguing read.

- estrella_walker

So far, so good. But I expected that. I loved the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy and also recently found out there is a fourth book which I recently ordered. I had never heard of this book but I'm really glad I ordered it.

- kye_morales

People talk about Story of O and 5o Shades, but neglect this one. I don't know why.
Eden is a lovely story about mutual love and respect in the crazy context of The Club and the BDSM world in it. It's one of the better stories that doesn't paint participants in the Lifestyle as emotionally wrecked, sick individuals. I always recommend this when people new to the scene ask for fiction. I'm glad to finally have my own copy.

- zayden_ruiz

This is a lovely erotic fantasy. There are glimpses of BDSM but it is not "hardcore".

Do not compare this book to the movie of the same name ~ The movie version is camped up & changed to make the story light & funny ~ The actual story in this book is not light and not funny, it is more of a complicated romance, between two people who don't realize how much they need each other.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hopefully, you will too ~ and if you do, you may seriously want to pick up the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy.

- kenneth_moore

Finally got around to reading this exciting novel by Anne Rampling aka: Anne Rice. I am a fan of erotic literature. The book is well worth the trouble to find it. It was published in 1985, well before I become a fan of this genre.

It is a love story, and I loved it. Anne Rice is a great author. I tried the story of O but found it very difficult to follow. I never finished it
East to Eden came up during my quest for erotic novels.

All I can say, it is well written, easy to follow and exciting and stimulating. Try it..you will not regret it.

- myles_lopez

A friend recommend this book to me since I've read the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. If you like reading porn more than watching it this is your book. It gives more insight into the real world of BDSM and holds nothing back. If you're looking for something a little more explicit and rough around the edges then this is a book that I'd recommend.

- matias_scott

A devoted Anne Rice fan, I read this book because both the title and synopsis intrigued me. Very different to the 'Lives of the Mayfair Witches' or the 'Vampire Chronicles', it will take you down an engaging path to the road of Sado-Masochism and touches upon the deep-rooted desires of sexual slavery that may exist within us.
Exit to Eden also brings to the fore a very non-fictional fact... that both men and women have a vulnerable side - regardless of how well they conceal it!
The book is written in 'simple' English, which makes for a nice, easy read and an ideal travel companion - on the train to work, or away on the beach!
For the women (and men!) among us who have ever read a Mills & Boons book, you will notice a few mild similarities between this book and the well-known romance novels (i.e. short 'n' sweet with a basal storyline). But Mills & Boons would have been hard pushed to sculpt and bring to life the erotic elements of the tale as Anne Rice has!
When all is said and done, Exit to Eden is an entertaining, fantastical and highly erotic romance novel. Recommended for those of you who are adventurous, young at heart and enjoy being educated and entertained.

- dahlia_castillo

Arrived really fast but worse quality than said in description

- zainab_brooks

Anne Rice should have put her name to this years ago and she should definitely write more erotica! A thoroughly good read

- wade_morris

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