Exit Wounds

Exit Wounds

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By: A.K. Benedict, Sarah Hilary , et al.

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A brand-new anthology of crime stories written by masters of the genre, including Jeffery Deaver, Val McDermid and Lee Child.

A brand-new anthology of crime stories written by masters of the genre. Featuring both original in-universe stories and rarely seen reprints, this collection of nineteen masterful short stories brings together some of the genre’s greatest living authors. Tony Hill and Carol Jordan take on a delightfully twisted killer in Val McDermid’s ‘Happy Holidays’. In Fiona Cummin’s ‘Dead Weight’, an overbearing mother resorts to desperate measures to keep control of her teenage daughter. And in Dean Koontz’s ‘Kittens’, a young girl learns the truth about how her pets have been dying, and devises a horrible revenge. Tense, twisted and disturbing, Exit Wounds is a visceral and thrilling collection showcasing the very best modern crime fiction has to offer.

Maybe two reasonably good short stories among a lot of nasty tales with nasty people getting away with murder and some creepy stuff.

- rodrigo_gonzales

the tories were mostly drab, poorly written shalls of their authors' novels. it almost seemed as if these were the college short stories of people who then finished developing their craft.

- fiona_watson

interesting short stories, twists & turns - just enough to read before nodding off to sleep

- johnny_rivera

Great book and good price.

- meredith_myers

good book

- brooklyn_hill

TITLE: Exit Wounds: Nineteen Tales of Mystery from the Modern Masters of Crime

AUTHOR(S): Paul B. Kane and Marie O’Regan editors

GENRE: Mystery/Crime

Pages: 384

Ninetoes Rule of Reading #4. If you are in between books and do not know what you are in the mood for, pick up an anthology.

The above rule is one I stand by. Here’s the thing, not only do you keep reading, but in many cases you read an author you may not be aware of, and you have more books to look for.

With Exit Wounds, Paul B. Kane and Marie O’Regan did just that. Not only are the stories entertaining, compelling and provocative, but I encountered a few authors I was not aware of. Now, some of the stories were a bit predictable, but all in all entertaining. Each one was a knife in the heart…or a bullet in the back, and fulfilled a quick read need.

This is a book to be enjoyed by mystery aficionados as well as newcomers. The best part for me was that it evoked memories of summers when I was a kid, getting my hands on a new copy of “Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine” or even better, “Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine”. They are THAT good!

Bravo Mr. Kane and Ms. O’Regan!

5+ out of 5 bookmarks! (P.S. dear reader, do not pass this one by!)

- riya_bennet

I will be the first to admit that I don't tend to read many short stories and this is something that I would like to rectify so when EXIT WOUNDS arrived through my letterbox, I was delighted to try something a little different.

From serial killers picking off their prey to those hell-bent on revenge, this collection of crime stories from some of the best in the business grabbed my attention at the very first story and every one thereafter. Dark, twisted, and with characters that got under my skin in just a few pages, EXIT WOUNDS is a must-read for short story and crime fiction fans the world over.

While each and every story is different and fresh there were a few that I favoured - The Bully by Jeffrey Deaver, Happy Holidays by Val McDermid, and The Pitcher by Sarah Hilary. All the stories are excellent and brimming with tension but there was just that extra something about those three that made me take a deep breath while reading them.

Compelling characters, sinister plots, and crackling atmosphere can all be found in the short stories nestled among the pages of EXIT WOUNDS and I highly recommend it to all fiction readers, especially those who are unsure about short stories because this collection is sure to change your mind.

- hayden_kelly

I'm giving this one star because there's no way to give it a negative 10. I hate it. It's dull, I made it about halfway through skipping over half of the stories because listening to them was worst hang having your teeth pulled out one by one.

The stories were slow and uninteresting as a whole, the ones that might have been interesting were narrated in dull, boring monotones. Don't waste your money

- paige_ward

If there is one thing in the book world that is misunderstood and completely underrated, for me it has to be the short story, or, in this case the short story anthology. I know that some people feel that short stories don't allow them to get to know the characters, that they aren't meaty enough, but for me they are the perfect, bitesize way to get your fix of your favourite author or to find an author who may be completely new to you. They are perfect for a quick shot in your lunch break, on your daily commute or that ten-twenty minute wait you have while you are waiting for your tatties to boil for dinner.

If you are a fan of crime fiction, then Exit Wounds is a perfect way to while away those odd moments of time where you aren't quite sure what to do with yourself. Featuring some absolutely cracking stories from some of the top writers in the business, you are bound to find something there which is right up your street. This book worked perfectly for me and I actually read it over a couple of weeks, a couple of stories a day over lunch breaks and when I got tin from work. A nice way to unwind. With added murder and crime. All good.

Now it is hard to talk about short stories as to say too much would pretty well give away the whole plot and negate the need to buy the book, but I will say that there are some real gems in amongst this collection and enough to keep you hooked, shocked, thrilled and blasting through those pages.

For fans of Val McDermid's Hill and Jordan series you have a nice catch up with the pair in Happy Holidays, a real misnomer for some of the characters and no mistake. And its a very welcome howdy to everyone's favourite Bounty Hunter, Lori Anderson, in Steph Broadribb's Fool You Twice. And I might be biased (I am) but I really enjoyed John Connolly's On the Anatomization of an Unknown Man, and also James Oswald's Dressed to Kill, which featured none other than dear old Inspector McLean and Grumpy Bob Laird. I learned it's probably not a good idea to go to Louise Jensen's for dinner, and not to pick a fight with AK Benedict. She has a very devious mind ... As for Paul Finch's The New Lad - loved it.

A full line up of stories below:
The Bully - Jeffery Deaver
Dead Weight - Fiona Cummins
Like A Glass Jaw - Mark Billingham
On The Anatomization of an Unknown Man (1637) by Frans Mier - John Connolly
The Pitcher - Sarah Hilary
Disciplined - Martyn Waites
The Consumers - Dennis Lehane
Voices Through the Wall - Alex Gray
Wet With Rain - Lee Child
Happy Holidays - Val McDermid
Fool You Twice - Steph Broadribb
Lebensraum - Christopher Fowler
Dancing Towards the Blade - Mark Billingham
Kittens - Dean Koontz
Take My Hand - A.K. Benedict
Dressed to Kill - James Oswald
Booty and the Beast - Joe R. Lansdale
The New Lad - Paul Finch
The Recipe - Louise Jensen

So? What do you think? Look at that list. You want to give this a try now don't you?

Go on. You won't regret it.

- giuliana_rogers

Enjoyed all the stories in this book......took it into hospital with me to keep me going and it definitely did that...good quality writing and every story very different....

- imani_hill

many different writing styles made it interesting

- jason_alvarez

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