Expert Scripting and Automation for SQL Server DBAs

Expert Scripting and Automation for SQL Server DBAs

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By: Peter A. Carter

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Automate your workload and manage more databases and instances with greater ease and efficiency by combining metadata-driven automation with powerful tools like PowerShell and SQL Server Agent. Automate your new instance-builds and use monitoring to drive ongoing automation, with the help of an inventory database and a management data warehouse.

The market has seen a trend towards there being a much smaller ratio of DBAs to SQL Server instances. Automation is the key to responding to this challenge and continuing to run a reliable database platform service. Expert Scripting and Automation for SQL Server DBAs guides you through the process of automating the maintenance of your SQL Server enterprise.

Expert Scripting and Automation for SQL Server DBAs shows how to automate the SQL Server build processes, monitor multiple instances from a single location, and automate routine maintenance tasks throughout your environment. You will also learn how to create automated responses to common or time consuming break/fix scenarios. The book helps you become faster and better at what you do for a living, and thus more valuable in the job market.

  • Extensive coverage of automation using PowerShell and T-SQL


  • Detailed discussion and examples on metadata-driven automation


  • Comprehensive coverage of automated responses to break/fix scenarios
What You Will Learn
  • Automate the SQL Server build process
  • Create intelligent, metadata-drive routines
  • Automate common maintenance tasks
  • Create automated responses to common break/fix scenarios
  • Monitor multiple instance from a central location
  • Utilize T-SQL and PowerShell for administrative purposes
Who This Book Is For
Expert Scripting and Automation for SQL Server DBAs is a book for SQL Server database administrators responsible for managing increasingly large numbers of databases across their business enterprise. The book is also useful for any database administrator looking to ease their workload through automation. The book addresses the needs of these audiences by showing how to get more done through less effort by implementing an intelligent, automated-processes service model using tools such as T-SQL, PowerShell, Server Agent, and the Management Data Warehouse.

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