Fire Ice (NUMA Files series Book 3)

Fire Ice (NUMA Files series Book 3)

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By: Clive Cussler and Paul Kemprecos

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Leader of the NUMA Special Assignments team, Kurt Austin must work with a former KGB spy to save the United States from a lunatic with a generations-spanning grudge in this novel in the #1 New York Times-bestselling series. 
Kurt Austin is preparing for an interview while aboard a research vessel in the Black Sea. But his television spot suddenly becomes a rescue mission when the waiting film crew is attacked on a nearby island.  With little information on the attackers, and no clue to their true agenda, Austin is forced to turn to an unlikely source: his old KGB Cold War adversary Vladimir Petrov. According to Petrov, the island is actually an old submarine base that’s been commandeered by clever mobster-turned-billionaire-businessman Mikhail Razov. Razov is certain he descends from the great Romanov family and he’s out to reclaim his rightful position as czar of Russia.  With a powerful resource called “fire ice”, discovered by his mining company, Razov may just have the ammunition he needs to take over the modern world. To stop him, Austin will have to work with Petrov. And he’ll have to find out fast how much trust he can offer an old nemesis in this thrilling adventure that “goes down like a chilled Stolichnaya martini.” (Kirkus Reviews)
There was nothing to dislike about the book other the story came to an end. It is a further indication that Clive Cussler can move from Characters in one series (Dirk Pit and co.) to the NUMA Files Characters and still retain and capture the readers imagination with different Characters and a good story. "Fire Ice" is a suspenseful, exciting novel which I can always rely on from Clive Cussler. Highly recommended.

- preston_hughes

I love this author! I have read all his books. This book is no exception. The story line is great. It moves fast, and there is always something going on. There are always lots of details about each "scene". I find myself reading faster and faster as I turn each page! If you love Clive'll love this book!

- adrian_edwards

Fire Ice was my first Cussler read. I went into it knowing nothing about the author and I was very young when I read it so that might be why it did not make an impression on me at all. It was exciting in parts and it was nice to read a thriller that takes place outside of courtrooms and interrogation rooms but the adventure didn't fascinate me beyond a three star mark. It seemed a little bloated with plots for overthrowing other countries and so on. Again, maybe I have the wrong impression, but that is precisely why I have avoided Tom Clancy's massive books. Sometimes the large, sprawling plots are a bit much to take in, or at least they were when I was younger.

- amora_ross

Excellent book. Both exciting and pulls in theories Ifrom history that I have long heard about. Can't wait to read the next book in series.

- sutton_rodriguez

You can't read a Cussler/Kemprecos book without gaining technical , historical and geographical knowledge. Good job boys!!!! Thanks for a great trip

- malani_lee

Well written, good read , hard to put down. Will read more books from this author. Will down load soon.

- cheyenne_young


- miah_myers

Love Cussler and all the interconnected characters

- daniel_anderson

This book was on special offer at £1.99 in the Kindle store, which was why I bought, added to the fact I had nothing else to read. The story is the usual Clive Cussler silliness. However, there is good and bad dumbness/silliness, and this was bad, very bad. The main character, kurt Austin, was less than 1-D. He was soooo great and good, it was like he was superman, action man etc all rolled into one. He is able to beat any bad guy without too much strain, and is still able to appear charming to women who instantly fall for him. It just all seemed cliched and completely unoriginal. At least heroes like Bond have a dark side, and are gritty, fully faceted characters; Austin is none of these. In fact he is so bland, he might as well be celery. you just don't get to know him enough to care. This is all a shame, as the plot actually sounds quite good. Unfortunately, This is not good enough to warrant purchasing any more of this series.

- reed_watson

I always enjoy a Clive Cussler book the plots are such cliff hangers and the characters so tough and have the same bizarre sense of hum our as me. I have said it before, can someone buy the film rights and a make some great adventure films.

- leah_flores

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