First Mover: Jeff Bezos In His Own Words (In Their Own Words series)

First Mover: Jeff Bezos In His Own Words (In Their Own Words series)

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By: Helena Hunt

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Jeff Bezos started Amazon in 1994 as an online bookstore based out of his garage. Since then, the ever-expanding enterprise has revolutionized shopping and, in many important ways, invented e-commerce as we know it. Today, Amazon is the third-most valuable company in the world, and Bezos's vast customer-oriented empire has mushroomed to include everything from cloud computing and fresh food delivery to movie production and consumer electronics. In recent years, Bezos also has invested in rocket technology, newspaper publishing, and artificial intelligence. Every arm of Bezos's business, however, is guided by a fundamental goal: to give customers what they want before they even think to ask for it.

First Mover: Jeff Bezos In His Own Words offers a unique look into the mind of one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs by collecting more than 500 of Bezos's quotes on business, technology, customer service, e-commerce, innovation, entrepreneurship, and more. Meticulously curated from interviews, speeches, shareholder letters, press releases, and other sources, First Mover creates a comprehensive picture of Jeff Bezos, his obsessions, and what makes his ventures thrive.

After more than 20 years at the helm of Amazon and its subsidiaries, Bezos continues to operate on what he calls "Day One time" in order to maintain the early experimental spirit of his business. Since the beginning, when he first saw the potential of the internet as a powerful tool for commerce, he has looked for trends and technologies that can alter not just business but daily life. First Mover reveals in detail a man who wants to push the future forward—and will inspire readers to do the same.
Jeff Bezos is leading us into the future of the Internet, so it is interesting to know what he has said in the past and what he wants to do in the future! This book has a short introduction then focuses on quotes by Jeff Bezos which must have taken a lot of research to obtain. Helena Hunt does a great job of organizing the quotes according to topics. Each quote or set of quotes has a headline that indicates what the quotes will be about. I found this very helpful and considerate.

By reading this book you will learn a great deal about how Jeff Bezos thinks and how his thinking has changed over the years since focusing on selling almost everything imaginable. It is also intriguing to see how Jeff felt about not opening physical stores back in 2004. Of course amazon now has physical stores!

What I found intriguing was how many topics this book covers. Jeff talks about drones, Whole Foods, prime members (Do they buy more often?), self-reliance, persistence, what his wife thinks about him, galaxies aligning, customer needs, pizza, hiring talent, innovation, microwaves (very funny), risk taking, AI, Alexa, Star Trek, yard rakes and eBooks.

What I was most interested in was how people read more after getting a kindle. There is also apparently a way to order from amazon and pick up your order in two minutes.

But the quote I loved the most was this one: "The most radical and transformative of inventions are often those that empower others to unleash their creativity-to pursue their dreams." ~ Jeff Bezos, letter to shareholders on April 13, 2012

This was one of the only books on Jeff Bezos that I hadn't read so I'm glad I finally had the chance to read it. For anyone new to reading about Jeff Bezos, this would be a good place to start.

~The Rebecca Review

- iris_carter

Provides the purple passage takeaways that are worth incorporating into my own startup: The invention of the Atkinson Artificial Mind and transformation into a company and then translation to a Personal Wellness Protocol. I liked The applicability. I recommend it to all my colleagues!

- lizbeth_moore

Excellent read, which led directly to me buying the best seller, "Jeff Bezos and The Age Of Amazon," which is an even better read.

- liliana_rodriguez

Great encapsulation of how a great mind (and company) came about and how it continues to enjoy break-through success. For anyone or any team looking to disrupt an inefficient legacy business model the narrative offers many parallels. However, the book also highlights how important Bezos is in the grand scheme. Who could ever fill his shoes?

- elijah_davis

Absolutely amazing and impressive content covering Bezos long range vision. Very strong customer loyalty review, a little more detail would have been nice.

- talia_lopez

I enjoy quotations as they are condensed wizdom. This book has a wealth of wizodom in short form. Really good.

- arlo_thomas

Very informative, wish there was more! If I want to learn about someone, I want to hear it in their own words.

- elisha_jones

What kind of role model?

- leia_ward

Not what I expected at all . Not worth it .

- shepherd_long

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