Firstborn Academy: Shadow Trials

Firstborn Academy: Shadow Trials

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By: Isla Frost

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Ever since magic stormed the world, the price for human survival is surrendering your firstborn to the monsters.
But this year it's Nova's turn, and the monsters better watch their backs.

"If you're looking for a fresh and dangerous twist on a magical academy series, this is it."
--Advanced Reader

I am the firstborn in my family. The first of three. And today I will pay the price for my siblings' lives by surrendering control of my own. I will step through the runegate, and I will never see my family again.

What the others do with the firstborn is shrouded in mystery. All anyone knows is they are never heard from again.

I will step through the runegate willingly.

But I can keep secrets too. And I'll do whatever it takes to bring the others to their knees...

Fans of Harry Potter, Shadowspell Academy, Harley Merlin, and The Hunger Games, welcome to a magical new world packed with adventure, intrigue, romance, and characters you'll fall in love with. 

The complete trilogy is available now! 

Firstborn Academy: Shadow Trials (Book 1) 
Firstborn Academy: Shadow Witch (Book 2) 
Firstborn Academy: Shadow Reaper (Book 3)

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