Ford at Fifty 1903-1953 An American Story

Ford at Fifty 1903-1953 An American Story

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By: Joseph J. Thorndike and Henry Ford II

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Book was editorially produced for the Ford Motor Company by Picture Press, Inc. for the 50th year anniversary. A portrait of an American Industry enterprise and a look at America and people at work. Original price was $2.95
Amazon did a great job finding a used copy of this book in good condition. It replaced a long-lost copy I had received as a child from my uncle, who managed a large Ford dealership. At the time, this book took me on a fantastic journey and launched a lifelong interest in automobiles of all kinds. To an objective adult reader of today, the book isn't really fantastic, but it gives a great historical view of the man and his company. It also provides a look into life of the car owner at mid-century. I'd recommend this to anyone with an interest in Ford or automotive history in general.

- walter_cook

Have a '53 Victoria and this is just something I wanted to carry in the car. Great photos and narrative. Should have if you are a Ford fan. (FORD = First on Race Day)

- poppy_ruiz

When I was a child my father, who worked for Ford, was given a copy of this book when it first was published.
I lost it and felt really bad about it.
Now it is back in our collection of Ford memorabilia.

- bexley_harris

Interesting view in to Ford in a better time. They even feature the workers, mentioning them by name! I doubt that happens now.

- ailani_nelson

Great book showing the very beginnings of the Ford empire. I have an original copy that was given to my dad. As a son of a Ford employee I was able to go to a Ford Day Camp when I was seven years old and saw the 1953 Ford cars being assembled on the line at the Rouge complex. Another year I was able to tour the Ford Steel Mill. After I graduated from the Dearborn, Fordson High School in June 1964. I worked at Tiger Stadium in Detroit. After a Lion's game I was walking out the private entrance and I was able to meet William Clay Ford and Henry Ford II. My dad was waiting on Tumble Ave in my 1958 Mercury Monterey. I told him to stay right their for a few minutes and he would witness his boss Henry Ford II coming out in his limousine. He did and saw his boss after he had worked at the Ford Rouge Plant for almost 30 years. That moment in time was very special to me. Also a year later as a college student I toured the Dearborn Iron Foundry. When I started working for General Motors (as a metallurgist) I toured the Ford Specialty Foundry in Dearborn, Michigan where nodular iron crankshafts were manufactured in shell molds in a vertical cast process. This was during the GM - UAW strike in 1970. The Ford managers were very gracious to our GM group and said that they had toured our GM facility at the GM Saginaw Nodular Iron during the Ford - UAW strike in 1968. A few years later I was able to visit the: Ford Flatrock Iron Foundry, Ford Windsor Ont. Foundry and the Cleveland Ford Foundry. I eventually retired in 2008 from GM after 39 actual years from the Powertrain Defiance, Ohio Plant.
Factory tours are available of the Ford Rouge assembly line today, I believe they originate at the Greenfield Village.

- erica_walker

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