From Another World: A Tribute To Bob Dylan / Var

From Another World: A Tribute To Bob Dylan / Var

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By: Various Artists

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If you're looking for "ethnic" versions of Bob Dylan songs, where the melodies are easily recognized, you might want to pass. As a long time Dylan fan I can say that, had I heard them on the radio, I would never have recognized some of these performances as being covers of songs I've listened to for decades. And others I would have recognized.

But this recording is a blast, featuring artists I'm unfamiliar with performing in styles I might never have heard otherwise. My musical horizons, already quite wide, have been expanded a little more. I've been educated and entertained by this CD. What more could I want?

- zainab_brooks

First go- round with this album can be
quite confusing. Keep listening--it's
beautifully transformative.


- zaid_cooper

It takes a little getting used to but it does grow on you. After a few listens, it is a very good album.

- josue_flores

WOW - very different and interesting!

- deacon_johnson

Nah....Meaningful Dylan thoughts are lost on foreign tongues.

- jake_mitchell

I enjoyed the music very much. Naturally, different than Bob Dylan's music which I love, but this was great and touching that these musicians would make such a great effort.

- tadeo_allen

I just selected a 5 star because you have to in order to rate.Both this and the Charlie Daniels album don't have track listings. Yet they rave about song selection.

- lea_rodriguez

It's not as bad as it sounds; better than the one Judy Collins put out -- ditto Any Day Now by Baez

- reuben_garcia

Bought this because I heard the brilliant version of I Want You by Burma Orchestra Saing Waing but apart from that track (5 stars) and Pura Das Baul's Mr Tamourine Man (4 stars) and Musicians of The Nile's version of Tangled Up In Blue (4 stars) I found nothing of interest in the remaining ten tracks. Most of the songs were unidentifiable, didn't even recognize the tunes in some cases. Looking at it as straight forward world music CD, it has it's moments and I'm loathe to criticise the bands included here who were given a difficult task. I know Buda Records and they have some terrific stuff in their catalogue and they're dedicated people but for once they just had a good idea that failed for me. Check it out before you buy.

- thalia_chavez

I found this a very good and interesting Album . It shows a lot of Dylan compositions
in a different light . Not being sung in English and in some cases not the same
backing tune . It certainly opened by eyes to different interpretations of some of the
songs as we know them . I recommend this Album and the take on his songs .

- judson_nguyen

If you like Bob Dylan's style, and the world music genre, then you'll probably like most of the tracks on this CD. Some tracks work better than others and a few take some getting used to. There are a few genuinely loverly pieces. So, it's worth a go.

I wonder what Bob makes of it?

- orlando_evans

wacky way to gain insight into the dylan-monde

- jayden_allen

Par excellence, a testimony to how the lyrics of Bob Dylan travel so effortlessly into foreign lands, his lyrics will live on and much older then, younger than that now'.

- arabella_cruz

Some versions a bit too deferntial, perhaps - but nice

- demetrius_allen

quite good.

- junior_morales

Muy buena compilación de temas de diferentes bandas de todo el orbe, las versiones unas veces son reconocibles al primer acorde, otras en el estribillo y otras cuesta mucho identificarlas por ser temas menos conocidos (al menos para este menda). Calidad de sonido buena, formato digipack, breve libreto. Pero más que interesante.

- gibson_lee

Die Lieder des Meisters bieten eine ideale Grundlage für eine Reise um die Welt. Künstler verschiedener Länder interpretieren die Stücke neu. Ein Ohrenschmaus.

- santiago_castillo

This is a most interesting release - especially since few of the tracks are recognisable from their original version! All Dylan freaks, check it out!

- adrian_edwards

The key word here is "Tribute" as the majority of these versions bear little resemblance to the songs that they claim to be based upon.
It is well nigh impossible for a North American or Western European ear to judge the quality of these performances.
A few tracks are easily recognisable but they are at best quirky versions of the originals.
I greatly prefer the sound track from "Masked and Anonymous " to which I have seen this compared. to sum up it isn't bad but just very different and regrettably will not be getting many plays on my CD player

- grayson_king

Interesting c-d. Shipped fast.

- anahi_jackson


- wilder_reed

A very strange collection, I like it. You can sing these tunes all over the world. The most beautiful thing is that there isn't something close to the original but they bring the text into own musical culture

- charlie_wilson

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