From Murder to a Cathedral (Gideon of Scotland Yard)

From Murder to a Cathedral (Gideon of Scotland Yard)

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By: John Creasey

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Commander George Gideon of Scotland Yard is working on an intriguing case involving a mysterious man who is known to photograph young girls in the nude and the girls then vanish. He is also attempting to deal with serious internal problems at the Yard when yet another case comes in. There have been several cases of vandalism in major churches and cathedrals, and an anonymous caller has reported a thief in one church. It doesn't take long for Gideon to work out that the churches are threatened with far more than theft and vandalism.
From Murder to a Cathedral is well up to the excellent standard of all the Gideon books. Well worth reading.

- brandon_wilson

Great socks for the gym.

- allen_smith

I am re-reading the Gideon series of novels and am enjoying them greatly. The story is well told and the I couldn't put the book down recommended

- jackson_martin

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