Fruit of the Loom Boys' Cotton White T Shirt

Fruit of the Loom Boys' Cotton White T Shirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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The Fruit of the Loom 2T/3T is larger than Carter's 4/5, and only slightly smaller than Carter's 6/7. Good undershirts for cold weather. Happy with purchase, but sizes vary so much between brands I hope my pictures help someone else.

Pic1: Both fruit of the loom shirts compared to my Carter's undershirts.
Pic2: Carter's 4/5 on top of the fruit of the loom 2t/3t
Pic3: Fruit of the loom 2t/3t on top of Carter's 6/7

- aliya_perez

Size CHART is incorrect. Too bad I didn't see others reviews beforehand. I wanted size 8 so I ordered a large. Package arrived large is actually 14-16, Seriously

- valerie_gutierrez

When I purchased these the sizing chart said FOTL Large was 10-12, which was the size I needed. They arrived and as it turns our, Fruif of the Loom Large, is size 14-16, much too large for my small 10 yr old son. I’ll just keep them for when he grows but the sizing chart needs correcting.

- brody_phillips

Definitely shrinks a lot. I put them in the dryer as I do all our clothes. Not sure exactly how many times this ones been washed but in 5 weeks look at the difference with a brand new one. Almost don’t fit my son anymore.

- cristian_ross

I'm a smaller framed female (XS-S shirts, 34B). I ordered a size XL and they are SLIGHTLY too big for how I intended to use these shirts. However, I'm not sure if the L would have been too small. I'm keeping this size and making it work.

- veronica_cox

I am a woman in mid 70's and quite small. Have difficulty finding things that fit well. I wanted very soft tshirts to use as pajama tops. Ladies do not feel as good. There are quite soft. No seams or decorations and wash perfectly. AND price is outstanding. When you are old you look for comfort and bargains lol. The quality is excellent. And so many. THANKYOU

- fox_gutierrez

Used them for tie-dye shirts. Really nice!

- emelia_green

Great simple shirts. it's 100% cotton, which is a must for me. Purchased size 2T-3T for my 23 month old, who is 36'' tall and weighs 30 pounds and they fit perfect. not too wide, but long enough to be tucked into pants . Washed it only once so far, but quality seem to be pretty good. highly recommend especially for this price.

- victor_cook

Read many reviews on this product and settled on 4T. It came and said 4T/5T!!! They were HUGE! Not at all like described or how the seller described for fit/weight.
My son is 2 and quite tall for his age and almost 30 pounds, this was far too large a size to have bought, even though I was accounting for some shrinking in the wash and the fact that his Carter's undershirts in 2T are now crop tops on him. There was no other option besides the combo size of 2T/3T or sizing up to 4T.
Very disappointed and just hoping that I don't have to pay to ship back to seller!

- dean_mendoza

I wanted tee shirts that fit a little big as we were tye dying them. Girls wore size medium but I heard that they fit big. They did not fit big. They fit okay so hope no shrinkage.

- aden_ross

Me llegó un correo diciéndome que me cobraron $219... pedí unas camisetas talla 6-8, me las enviaron 10-12
Me enviaron nuevamente el pedido, con el mismo error, es decir, con talla 10-12
Tengo en mi domicilio el paquete listo para que lo recojan, me han dado tres fechas en las que supuestamente los recogerían y no lo han hecho. No pienso pagar nada por un producto que no me sirve. JM

- hadlee_evans

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