Fruit of the Loom Men's Big and Tall Tag-Free Underwear & Undershirts

Fruit of the Loom Men's Big and Tall Tag-Free Underwear & Undershirts

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Pricey for just three tank tops, but they are long enough and stay tucked while on my motorcycle...vital as no one wants to see your crack on the road.

- chaim_young

I'm 6'3" 215 lbs with about a 37" waist. The XL have been fine. I really like longer shirts that stay tucked in at work instead of bunching up under my dress shirt. I've ordered Jockey shirts that were way more expensive but were obviously better quality material when comparing side by side. But since it's just an under shirt, these are perfect. They do shrink up A LOT. I ordered a second pack and compared one to a shirt I had been washing/wearing and there was a difference of several inches in length, at least an inch in sleeve, and probably a couple inches in chest. So when you open the pack, keep that in mind. They start out huge but shrink down when washed.

- nicolas_jones

I'm a pretty big guy. Large around the hips, even bigger out back. These fit comfortably, and aren't too snug. The material is soft, and the fit is great. When these wear out, so long as they hold up, I'll definitely be buying more.

- moses_howard

Never was a fan of Fruit of the Loom, but these tee shirts changed my opinion. I am 6’6” and have a very hard time finding shirts long enough. I was always a Jockey fan, but price and poor reviews lead me to check other brands. The amazon reviews for Fruit of the Loom were really good so I ordered a 3 pack of 3x long, a size larger than usual. Should have stuck with the 2x long, but very happy with my purchase. Extremely high quality, very long, and a terrific price, (around $4.00 per shirt).. order some, you won’t regret it.

- maliyah_sanders

Wore Fruit of the Loom my whole young life. Switched to Haynes Tagless when they became a "thing" but for whatever reason, their products are shrinking waaaay too much now, figured I would try FotL again.

These boxers fit me perfectly and are very comfortable, no tags, no riding up, no issues, very little shrink. I bought the 3XL and I have a waist of 46/48. If you are on the fence about getting them, try this 3-pack, I feel you will be pleased.

- tatum_nelson

My husband is 6'1" and these hang down past his groin area. Way too long. They are pretty thin but that's not an issue. I washed them and they came out with a pink hue, weird as they were the only thing in the wash. So I washed them again and dumped Clorox in the machine. They aren't as pink, doable. But overall I wouldn't order these again, they are just too long. They'll be too warm for summer, so much material. They fit like a tall instead of a big.

- juliette_miller

Update 3/2018:
Yes they shrink after dozens of washes (only really noticeable when folding them with newer ones) but they still stay long enough to stay tucked in all day and are still comfortable too. These are now on my repeat purchase list.

Update 12/2017 while these are good shirts the three pack has gone up in price significantly. The most we should pay is 4 dollars per shirt.

Wow! These are what I've been looking for in that they are looooooong and stay tucked in below my button-downs.
I'm 6'3" with 33" inseam and 38" waist and these XLT size undershirts fit just right around the chest and arms and the hem is down around lower butt cheek elevation.

A common mode failure has been found in two of three of these undershirts: the seam on the back sleeve which joins the sleeve do the back panel has opened up after three wash cycles.

- javier_walker

These shirts are nice and long, fit well and a great price. A few weeks ago i purchased another brands (starts with H) A-shirts which were 3 for $20. Those were "tall" shirts and are pretty decent, but pretty pricey. I found these shirts at 3 for $10 and I am quite pleased to report that they are just as long as the other brand and fit just as well. The only reason I docked one star is because of the unfinished bottom of the shirt, which is negligible because these shirts typically get tucked in, but it might be a problem for the longevity of the shirt. Only time will tell if that becomes a problem, but for this price and the fact that these are really long (I'm 6'8" tall) I am very satisfied!

- mckenzie_gray

I sleep in a t-shirt rather than pyjamas and don't like anything tight or around my throat. These t-shirts are not too thick and heavy, they are v-neck, loose sleeved, long and thoroughly comfortable to sleep in. If worn during the day, they would be a little baggy and unfashionable but they are ideal for what I bought them for.

- jayden_sanchez

Worn once then washed them....

After the wash they came out a completely different size and shape... only a quick wash too on 30'C

Fit for the bin now...

Absolutely awful...

- andrew_flores

Washed a couple of times and they look awful. The cotton is not bad on the skin, but surely won’t hold up weekly usage for much longer.

- brady_clark

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