Fruit of the Loom Men's Stay Tucked Crew T-Shirt

Fruit of the Loom Men's Stay Tucked Crew T-Shirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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Big fan of these shirts so far. A couple things to know:

-They are "Stay Tucked" because they are longer. A lot longer. In the photo, I am comparing these to a Hanes ComfortFit shirt, and you can really see the size difference.
-In the roughly 2/3 months of wearing these, they have stayed pretty soft!
-The sleeve size is pretty small. This is important if you wear a lot of polos as you don't want your sleeve of your undershirt sticking out. Has not been a problem for me with any of my polos. (see photo for sleeve size).

Overall, I really like these. I wasn't sure about the extra length but it really does help my undershirt stay tucked and not bunch around my waistband, an issue I've had with other undershirts.

- allen_smith

I am one of those old-school middle-aged guys who wears a white t shirt under my dress shirts to work every day. I'm typically somewhere around a medium or large in size, kind of on the borderline between the two. I usually buy size medium undershirts so that they will actually fit under my dress shirts (larges are typically too lose around the midsection for me). However, lately I have noticed that size medium undershirts in some brands feel a bit too tight and small to be comfortable. I decided to try these Fruit of the Loom ones based on reviews stating that these run a bit big for their size. While they seem fairly standard in the chest and shoulders for a size medium, what I find is that they run longer than other brands. This is a good thing for me, because they actually do stay tucked in while some of the competitor brand ones do not. These undershirts also have some stretch to them so they don't feel restrictive. All-in-all a pretty good fit and a good value at this price. If you are looking for a basic white t shirt to wear under a dress shirt or polo and are between sizes, this may be a good option for you.

- boone_taylor

- Very inexpensive - the price is more than fair for what you get
- Pretty good quality from what I can tell (not scratchy/loose strings)
- Extra length so they stay tucked

- They shrink an insane amount after just the first wash
- They get a bit less comfortable the more times you wash them no matter how expensive your detergent/fabric softener is
- They're very thin

There's not much to say about this exactly. They are just regular shirts but with an extended length so they stay tucked in under a dress shirt. Functionally, they work great - I've even bought a second package just because they do what they're meant to and they do it well. The only problem I have with them is that they shrink a lot after just the first wash. I guess that's where the extra length comes in handy though - if any other shirt shrank this much then there would be a problem.

I wear a button up shirt to work every day and these shirts have never done me wrong. I actually hate wearing any other regular white shirt under my button up's. They usually end up rising up too much and bunching up around the waist - not a good look.

In the end - I put that they do fit as expected. I would say that brand new they fit as they should. Though, if I was you - I'd probably size up and wash them as soon as you get them, you'll probably end up with a better experience. Overall though, they're pretty thin so I would probably feel a bit weird just wearing them standalone - but they're great as an undershirt. What more could you really even ask for? Yeah quality is nice, but if it's going under your shirt, who really cares? Spend the extra money on a better shirt to go over it and thank me later.

- kingston_king

4 inches less after first wash. Medium size.

- silas_martin

These are great! 100% soft, absorbent cotton, no tags and at least 6" longer than the regularly sized t-shirts! These are long enough to stay tucked in when my man bends over and long enough to cover my hiney when I steal one of his t-shirts to wear to bed! Label says use non-chlorine bleach. One strange thing, I compared the price offered between the 6x "Small (34-36 chest)" and the 6x "Small" and noticed the "Small" ones were about half the price of the other listed size smalls. I ordered the less expensive version which was just under fourteen dollars, and when the package came, it said "Small (34-36" chest)" so I don't know why the sizes are listed two ways but buyer may want to look at pricing for both listed sizes and choose the one with the best price.

- anton_hughes

I have purchased so many undershirts looking for something that stays tucked in that my head was spinning...until I bought these. They are long! I have gone through entire days without these undershirts even coming close to pulling out. And the quality for the price is surprisingly good. I just ordered a second package and will be taking my existing undershirts to Goodwill.

- allan_peterson

Just received these shirts today and handed the package to my husband. There was something under the plastic on the top shirt and my husband said it looked like a clothes moth. I looked at it with a powerful magnifying glass and it looked more like a tiny piece of beige fabric but next to it there was a tiny translucent oval amber object that looked like an insect egg. This alarmed me so I saw another speck under the clear plastic and it looked like a young dead bedbug. I immediately bagged the t-shirts up in a plastic trash bag since the bag they came in had some rips in it and it is now in the garage. I am debating whether to take them back or wash them on hot & dry them on hot which will kill any insect or eggs. I am really freaked out but I have heard of this happening to others. I would have taken pictures but I don't think my camera could get a close up very clearly and I don't want to unbag them.

- rory_ward

Unfortunately not the ones I thought they were - as I sturdy have Fruit of the Loom Stay Tucked tees that have lasted through numerous washing cycles in the past year. Although the size was right, the fabric on these shirts was much less resilient, thin and transparent-like. For something that costs roughly US$ 6, they're definitely not worth GBP 20.

- gabriel_walker

Bought these to wear under my work t-shirts, and the fit wonderfully. I am a 5'8 female, about 220 pounds, and I opted for the XL. After shrinking a bit in the wash, they fit excellent. I am an electrician, and work overhead quite a bit, and I can go all day without having them come un-tucked. Nice and light, and the sleeves fit tight to the arm, so they aren't bunching up under the sleeve of your over-shirt. Also have a low enough collar that they don't stick out under a standard tshirt. Would definitely buy again.

- celine_scott

if you are not a super tall man, these are too long for wearing under dress clothes. i am not tall or a man, but i bought these for my boyfriend who never wears them because of the fit. to other women out there thinking of buying these for someone else, the length of an under shirt apparently only matters if you’re the size of a nordic viking.

- jackson_martin

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