Fruit of the Loom Men's Stay Tucked V-Neck T-Shirt

Fruit of the Loom Men's Stay Tucked V-Neck T-Shirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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Based on the reviews, you’d think white v-neck undershirts might be the most inconsistent product for sale here. Every time I go to reorder some, the model is no longer available and I have to go searching for another version. When I could not find a good Hanes ComfortSoft version to reorder, I tried this one, and I’m glad I did! It’s fitted in the chest and arms, which doesn’t make you look like a dweeb with extra fabric hanging off. It’s also long enough to comfortably tuck in without looking like a belly shirt after one wash. I’m 5’10 and 180 lbs and the medium is perfect.

- nicholas_ortiz

I'm not sure of the value of yet another review w/1000+ reviews for these shirts. However, I'll add my two cents... These are great if you want a v-neck that stays hidden (the shirt is relatively wide V at the neck) under a dress shirt with the top button(s) unbuttoned. These are great if you want a v-neck that stays tucked in to the pants (the shirt is relatively long). These are great if you want a v-neck that fits relatively well as an undershirt (the shirt isn't tight but it is not a loose fit around the arms and torso). These are great if you want a v-neck that works well under short-sleeved shirts (the shirt has relatively short sleeves). Hope that helps...

- jett_smith

I bought these shirts in July; I now bought many more to fully replace my other well made T shirts. I said that these "fit as expected" because there is no "fit entirely better than expected" category. The manufacturer's claim of super-soft material and lack of coming untucked rang so true to me when I was reading the description for my re-order. They are so comfortable for both reasons. Again, I am replacing all my T shirts with these; my others are reasonable--hopefully someone will benefit via Goodwill--but these are just great as far as I am concerned. Note also that it takes a lot to motivate me to write a review. Parenthetically, I have benefitted greatly from Amazon reviews, so for anyone writing incisive comments, thank you.

- brenna_sanders

I wear these under dress shirts and short sleeve button downs.
Here is why I will keep buying these year after year.

1. The cut of this V-Neck does not show when I leave the top button(s) unbuttoned on my dress and short sleeve button down shirts. This is a must for more casual use of my dress shirts.
2. The length is long enough that this shirt tucks into my pants and does not come out when I raise my arms or reach down to tie my shoes. It's annoying when shirts come out of my pants and need adjusting. These are longer than normal and serve that purpose.
3. These shirts are just the right thickness. They are not too thin that you can see through them and they are not too thick that they bunch or show that you are wearing an undershirt.
4. Buffering layer: They are also just the right thickness and softness to a) absorb sweat and b) buffer my skin from the outer shirt.
5. Price: I'm very happy about the price for this six pack. Thank you!

- levi_torres

The dimensions on the "Small" Tucked T Shirts are as follows!

30" Tall/Long
6.5" from neck to shoulder seam
17" from shoulder seam to shoulder seam
19" wide when laying flat
6" from bottom of V to the collar
7" from shoulder seam to hem of sleeve

The quality felt pretty good and comfortable.

- annalee_martin

Finally a shirt that fits my body shape - tall and lanky. I'm 6'1 and 155 pounds. Regular large size t shirts fit in length but are too baggy, and mediums fit in size but are not long enough. These fill both categories. Be careful washing on high heat though, some of mine have shrunk to the point that they are quite tight in my chest area, and just barely long enough to keep a button up shirt tucked in. Only negative is that the sleeves are very short, like almost a tank top. My armpit hair sticks out when just standing there, and I am not an overly hairy guy. TMI.

- kohen_morgan

They are cheaper than the stores, which is great. They definitely shrink - and you should know this. This is nothing new - you need to know this before you order. Order a size bigger, they will shrink a whole size. Guaranteed. You should not be mad when this happens.

The problem is when someone wants to wear them as a "t-shirt", and not as an undershirt. Because they will be always be too long - if you get the proper size - because they are supposed to be this way.

- messiah_ross

I ordered based on many reviews saying it ran big. I ordered a Large and I'm 6'0 200lbs and it was long enough but rather tight in the body and arms. Arms were also slightly short, so I think the sizing is correct and they do not run large. It's an undershirt so could still wear it just rather uncomfortable for me. If you like your undershirts fitted maybe go a size down and I'm usually an XL.

- jaelyn_taylor

I have been searching for a LONG T-shirt with a deep cut V neck (that would not show under an open neck shirt).
This is great on both counts. It is extra long so it wont ride up or pull out of waist band, and the neck is spot on.
Sizing is good. Material is a little thinner than expected but still a decent quality.
I need to see how these wash, but if they don't shrink, I shall be back for more!

- simone_campbell

Ordered medium. Looked slightly bigger than expected but husband happy to wear under work shirt. Good that it doesn’t show with top button open on shirt. Soft fabric. Washes well. Good value for money. Would buy again and recommend.

- skyler_rogers

Item was good but sadly due to there being no indication that I could see on the listing for chest sizes, the large was more like an xl or xxl.

- ari_johnson

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