Funko Pop! Disney: Santa Clause - Santa

Funko Pop! Disney: Santa Clause - Santa

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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I am very upset with this purchase. The box came to me smashed and the Funko looks dirty in the face. But it won’t come off. I need this for a gift for a collector and they are not in stock for an exchange. Customer service is not able to help me because I don’t have a card on file. This being a Christmas gift for the collector i am upset to get it in this condition. I wish it was clean because it is a very cute collectible
UPDATE: I purchased a second one of these funko pops and there was no damage and it was in perfect condition. Again they are very cute but order early because if you get a bad one you can return before Christmas if this will be a gift.

- everleigh_gray

Mine came in great shape. No box damage. Figure looks great. Lots of nostalgia watching this movie over the years.

Now if only the red jammies one was this good.

- bronson_price

Looks perfect.
Adorable likeness.
Great 25th anniversary commemorative collectible.

- payton_ruiz

Great. Pops really fun and festive. Love the movie franchise.

- joaquin_stewart

This pop is great but when I got this the box was in horrible condition

- maverick_james

One of my favorite Christmas movies of all time. I had to pre-order this one as soon as I saw it. It's such a great addition to my Christmas decorations. I highly recommend this one!

- ivan_wright

Another great Funko Pop to add to the holiday collection.

- ariel_adams

A lot of the reviews were saying how the box was beat up and looked like it went through 10 rounds with Mike Tyson lol but mine was perfect! Love it and I’m excited to give it to my coworker for Secret Santa.

- parker_garcia

Goes well with my other Christmas pops!

No issues 5/5

- augustus_thompson

Great quality. Love the movie so was always going to love this

- johnny_rivera

I was impressed with how close they were to how Tim Allen looks in the movies when he is Santa Clause. I love the sweater that Santa is wearing since that is the same sweater that he wore in the third film. I was impressed because normally Funko pops of real people tend to turn out to be disappointing. The package arrived on time which is great.

- bria_lee

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