Funko Pop Marvel: Venom - Venom Captain America Collectible Figure, Multicolor

Funko Pop Marvel: Venom - Venom Captain America Collectible Figure, Multicolor

Posted by jack_miller | Published a year ago

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I am extremely disappointed. I purchased this for a Christmas gift and it is clearly not a new product (the box shows all the wear and how it had been already opened). The figure appears to be okay but I cannot gift it as it is looks used! I only paid the higher price because I thought I was getting a new product. This is a scam!!

- mylah_green

Received a smashed box and had to return it: Pop looked cool but the neck was stretched out/broken bobblehead? Cheap price but looked awful. I think someone else opened before I did, it was damaged prior to being boxed for shipment.

- clare_stewart

After reading some other reviews, this is a common practice for this seller. No damage to the amazon box, but the box the figure comes in was absolutely demolished! (see pics). I purchased this as a gift for my son's birthday. Needless to say this is getting returned. Pathetic!

* update
so i chose the option for amazon to send me a replacement figure since my son really wants this for his birthday next week. this time the package arrived with plenty of padding and the box was fine, but it was missing an arm and the spring was stretched out!! LOL! WTF AMAZON?!

- emely_sanchez

Much like my Carol TWD Pop, Rick with Weapon Pop, Morty with Weapon Pop, and every other Pop in existence with small feet and odd foot placement it topples under the weight of it Gargantuan Cranium. Everything else is beautiful but it can't stand on its own two feet. It's not perfectly balanced. Thanos would not approve.

- malachi_evans

This the figure itself is not harmed. I'm disappointed that the packaging came look like someone had stabbed multiple times. I got this as a gift for a friend, who collects Funko Pop figures so I'm bummed that it shipped looking this way. Out of the three I ordered this is the only one that shipped in a box with no protective bubbles...
This is the first Funko I've ever ordered, to come in the mail looking like this so I not completely deterred. But I will now pay closer attention to each sellers product reviews.

Over all, I love the item and I know my friend will too. Just wish the plastic film hadn't been broken.

- alessandro_hill

Don't get me wrong. I love this figure too but I was really expecting Captain America.

- hunter_evans

The product came bubbles wrapped but was still damaged in the bubble tape.The box is damaged and creased, for people that dont take the product out of the box for display it kindof sucks.

- arthur_baker

So I absolutely love this POP. One of my favorites. Love the venomized pops and wish they had an Antman one since he is my favorite. I guarantee if your a venom fan you'll loveeeeee this one. Box came in creased and a little banged up but I dont leave them in boxes so it doesnt entirely bother me.

- mason_miller

I got four of these venom-superhero hybrid FunkoPops.
Why are you thinking of buying this and is this FunkoPop worth it?
1) You buy because you are a FunkoPop collector: this is definitely worth getting. The head bobbles (it's on a spring), therefore is not like the conventional type FunkoPops. It's really nice and looks really pretty.
2) You are a marvel fan/collector: this is definitely a really nice collective piece. I would get all these marvel memorabilia now that they're hot and, relatively, cheap. Captain America as Venom? You don't see that - it's original and kooky and is perfect for any Cap fan.

It's really well made, even though I am a little concerned of how the bobbly head will hold up in the future.
Delivery - super fast and very well packaged.

Would totally reccommend

- brooks_brown

Very nice pop figure as expected would recommend good quality

- veda_murphy


- lisa_wood

bought as a present and it was well received,delivered quickly and good quality

- daniel_anderson

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