Garri Potter I Filofskij Kamen = Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (Russian Edition)

Garri Potter I Filofskij Kamen = Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (Russian Edition)

Posted by jack_miller | Published a year ago

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By: J. K. Rowling

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Finally in a Russian translation, the first book in the Harry Potter series (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ).
I'm very happy with the purchase, the book arrived very quickly which was important for me because it was a present for my husband. The hard cover looks really beautiful and solid. As to the translation... I read this book in many languages and also looked through the previous Russian translation that I was very disappointed with. But I was very positively surprised to see this newer translation, which reflects author's style and humor really well in my opinion. It's a great book to read if you're learning Russian language as well. Both my husband and I are very happy with it!

- macy_hall

The book looks great. I can’t wait to translate it and read it. The book came as promised and the seller kept in touch with me and updated me if there was going to be a delay. I will buy future books from them. Thank you!

- kathleen_peterson

I'm a polyglot so when I saw Harry Potter in Russian, I had to have it. It's more difficult reading than the graded readers I use to teach with, but the kids got excited to even read a few paragraphs from it. It has joined my American, British, German, Spanish, and French versions, and I have no doubt I will purchase more volumes just because I want it in Russian. When my students see it, they are intrigued by the lettering, and more than one has learned the basics of Russian just to be able to read a little. I would not recommend it to beginners, as the word stock is not graded down, but for pleasurable reading, it's a great way to keep up one's vocabulary and grammar!

- lexi_adams

We ordered for our Russian speaking froster son and he has loved it. Nice hard cover with anti glare pages.

- patricia_ruiz

I got it for my Russian, and she loved it!

- bodie_martin

Well, it is in russian, but the quality is abysmal. The hardcover is more like a flexible carboard and the pages are on newspaper print. Disappointing for the cost.

- xavier_ruiz

I collect foreign HP books from countries I've traveled to. Sometimes I have to order them.

- axl_thomas

This will make some of the Russian kids in my neighborhood very happy, thank you for making it available!

- ayden_foster

I'm using this book to study Russian and I find the translation and the quality of the book to be excellent. I know the story very well already in English and I find that with my limited knowledge of Russian, I am able to match the translation very well with what I expect. Its a nice lightweight book even though its a hard-cover so its easily to carry around.

- zion_ramirez

An absolute delight, from the very first page onwards. Wonderful enjoyable experience working one's way through an already familiar story, while also savouring the brilliant way the translator has converted it into Russian. Top marks for a marvellous aid in learning Russian :-)

- gabriel_walker

The Russian Translation is more detailed and beautifully written than the English edition of JK Rowling's first book. What may have taken a few lines or a paragraph in the English version is lovingly poured over in the Russian translation.. it is actually a BETTER more involving read.

- dawson_myers

A great book in English, so it is most certainly a good book to read in Russian if you're new to reading novels. Russian literature is full of classics which can be quite hard to digest, so a children's book that you're already familiar with can be a great start.

- brandon_wilson

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