George Washington Is Cash Money: A No-Bullshit Guide to the United Myths of America

George Washington Is Cash Money: A No-Bullshit Guide to the United Myths of America

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By: Cory O'Brien and Soren Melville

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Most of us are familiar with the greatest hits and legendary heroes of US history. In George Washington Is Cash Money, Cory O’Brien, author of Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes, does away with the pomp and circumstance and calls America’s history what it is: one long, violent soap opera. In his signature clever, crude, and cuss-ridden style, O’Brien reminds us that:
· Teddy Roosevelt stopped bullets with his manly chest
· Harriet Tubman avoided danger by having prophetic seizures.
· Joseph Smith invented Mormonism by staring into a hat full of rocks.
· Billy the Kid was finally defeated by the smell of fresh bacon.
And there’s plenty more Star Spangled stupidity where that came from.
I love this look at American history. O'Brien has a very sophisticated sense of irony plus a delicious depth of knowledge. Great U.S. history of economics and the underbelly of how the USA functions. I have recommended it to my high school students even though it has 'language' included. (Ha!As if teens have not heard all of this talk before.) But they enjoy reading it and I am grateful to find a version of US history which engages them on so many levels. O'Brien does not fool around. He knows his stuff and lays it out in the most engaging ways. For my money this is the best version of the US history as viewed in the hit Broadway musical 'Hamilton' this side of 42nd Street! Read it!

- scarlet_myers

This book is pretty hilarious. Like O'Brien's other book, Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes, it's sort of how Reddit might tell American history/mythology. You have to have a pretty high level of irreverence to appreciate it, but if you have that, there's a lot to laugh at.

- christine_bennet

I am only half way through and SO eager to read on. Looking at the Table of Contents, I am curious if O'Brien takes this to current events. If not, then I am REALLY eager for his next book, hoping it'll wrestle to THE NOW politics. I LOVE HIS PACE, creative expression and refreshing perspective on the historic brainwashing. FINALLY, a history book that resonates. Thank you for this fabulous read that has already provided hours of entertainment. BRAVO!!!!!

- catherine_ross

It is in my bathroom, which the author might find insulting. I hope he doesn't, because his short (and utterly hilarious) stories are perfect for the situation. One of the things that makes my home more like a home!

- gianluca_bennet

Fun short stories. Keep in mind it is based in history. Not facts. But don’t buy if you are easily offended. My mom picked it up and she was not pleased.

- cairo_rivera

best book ive ever bought for the sole purpose of having something to read while on the toilet. If only the founding fathers could see me now!

- jameson_jimenez

History and mythology are pretty much the same thing to this author--which is both a compliment from me and a statement I pulled directly from the book's introduction (the part of the book also labeled "Emergency Toilet Paper"). Cory O'Brien weaves epic tales in a modern bardic mashup of Norse poetry, beat poetry, and Tumblr comments, exalting America's pantheon from Johnny Appleseed to Marilyn Monroe. This book gave me more emotions than anticipated, mostly from the candid self-awareness displayed by the author. 5 stars for teaching me about the best and worst of humanity in the best way.

- blake_ortiz

A very... interesting look at American history. This is the only book that I've ever read that has made me LITERALLY laugh out loud while also making me want to punch the author in their face. Hilarious and infuriating!

- amayah_diaz


- bonnie_long

Had to grab this one after the mythological stories.

- xander_morales

Acheté après avoir lu le tome sur les dieu et la mythologie. Même qualité que le tome précédent. Le livre est écrit comme si l'auteur vous parlait. Et les illustrations mérite de passez un peu de temps à les observer.

- angela_king

Quick delivery and funny story for my teen.

- christopher_nguyen

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