Gideon's Art (Gideon of Scotland Yard)

Gideon's Art (Gideon of Scotland Yard)

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By: John Creasey

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The National Gallery houses priceless art treasures belonging to the nation and has high security. But Velazquez's painting "The Prince" is nevertheless stolen. Commander George Gideon of Scotland Yard knows of only a few thieves at large artful enough to pull off such a heist. However, one obvious suspect turns up dead and Gideon believes there is more to the story than a simple theft, no matter how daring. Then a famous art dealer's daughter is kidnapped and a notorious counterfeiting ring moves into town. Clearly, Gideon is facing something both major and mysterious . . .
Another slate of crimes with G. Gideon at the helm of New Scotland Yard. This agenda includes the theft of a rare portrait from the Nat'l Art Gallery and the subsequent murders of the perps, immigrant smuggling, an innocent prisoner, and the to be expected set-to with police politics. Not surprisingly Gideon solves all.

- noel_bennet

These stories are well written and interesting start to finish. They have characters that are well drawn, books are so much more interesting when you understand a characters point of view. And of course we learn a lot about Gideon's family and his staff at the Yard. Try one and I bet you want them all. My only regret here is this the only one on the Kindle at this time. But I will be watching to see if any more show up

- ayla_young

My husband likes this series of mysteries. So do I can't wait for the next one to arrive that I have ordered.

- jaxson_ward

Gideon has to investigate the stealing of a picture from the national gallery it is a great read that I couldn't put down. Recommended

- reign_brown

what i wanted read it straight away

- harmoni_scott

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