Gildan Men's G2000 Ultra Cotton Adult T-Shirt

Gildan Men's G2000 Ultra Cotton Adult T-Shirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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I ordered this shirt and also the "Gildan 5.3 oz. Heavy Cotton T-Shirt" to compare them. This
"Gildan Men's Ultra Cotton Tee" is definitely a heavier weight cotton than the "Gildan 5.3 oz. Heavy Cotton T-Shirt".

So basically the "heavy cotton" shirt is thinner.

I am guessing this "Gildan Men's Ultra Cotton Tee" is 6.0 oz. or more. It's better quality. The "Gildan 5.3 oz. Heavy Cotton T-Shirt" is getting returned.

- jason_alvarez

I bought this to make a shirt for the MS walk. It's great material and I would highly recommend it! This shirt was far better quality than the other shirts I bought (from somewhere else).

- rayna_harris

the fit is as angular and sturdy as you'd expect from a heavier gildan tee. it's solid. but after even one cold wash, the bottom hem WILL begin to flip upward and there's no real solution for it except maybe ironing for each wear but i haven't tried that. i got multiple ultra cotton tees (seven colors including three whites) and they all have this same problem. luckily all of them together only cost about the same as buying one or two high-quality shirts. still a bummer though.

- cooper_mendoza

The shirt is accurate size-wise, albeit a bit shorter than most t- shirts, but the material is like scratchy canvas- not soft at all! I purchased a couple similar looking t’s from another brand, paid a couple dollars more and got a much better quality, soft cotton. I’m not really complaining, as this one only cost 7 dollars but it will be relegated as a work shirt and probably just be thrown away soon.

- kole_reyes

I am so disappointed in the material of these shirts. I bought 4 of them in different colors than I had purchased in the past at Michaels, nice soft cotton. I thought they would be the same but contrare, the material of these shirts is so grainy and rough that I took it off after about 10 minutes and haven't put one on since. It feels like wearing a feed sack that horse grain comes in. They are likely bound for the trash. I suppose Gildan is like all companies now, just cheap, cheap, cheap it up so they can make more money!

- vance_nguyen

It's tough to review this. When I bought these shirts they fit as I liked, if a touch big, but I was satisfied. The let down for me was that after I washed them they shrank significantly, to the point I consider them too small. And I'm quite paranoid about shrinking clothes, I'm a big guy, so I always dry my laundry on the lowest heat available and do not overdry anything. I would not recommended these shirts.

- lila_martinez

In this global manufacturing economy, I have a hard time finding consistency in size and quality from order to order on any clothing. I was very pleased to find Gildan's Ultra Cotton Tee is still true to the size and quality of material they used three years ago. I now intend to order a 5 year supply.

- alanna_nelson

I purchased three of these XL T-Shirts for winter inside wear and was disappointed that they are much closer to Large in size than to XL.
PROS: Nice moderate weight T-Shirt. Seem well made.
CONS: These T-Shirts certainly are not a true XL. Both that have arrived so far are consistent in size, but when laid over a true XL T-Shirt that has been washed many times, they are about 1-1/2 Inches narrower across the shoulder seam and over an inch narrower at the armpit seam. They compare closely with several Large size T-Shirts I own. These comparisons were made after only one cold washing of the new T-Shirts, so I anticipate further shrinking. The shirts to which they were compared have been washed many times. These T-Shirts were not as heavy weight as I had anticipated, too.
CONCLUSIONS/RECOMMENDATIONS: I have been wearing Gildan tank tops in Large Size for many years now and have found them to be pretty much run true to size from multiple orders over several years. Thusly, I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the sizing of these T-Shirts but will find use for them as outside work shirts. I prefer loose fitting, heavy weight T-Shirts for inside, comfort wear, and I will have to look elsewhere. Also, as mentioned above, I had hoped that the advertised weight of the cotton material would run to the heavy side but also considered that finding a nice, heavy weight T-Shirt might be a trial and error process. All in all, these seem to be decent T-Shirts, but I would not recommend them based on size alone.

- elisha_jones

as described

- payton_ruiz

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