Gildan Men's Heavy Cotton Tee (Pack of 12), Assorted Mixed Colors, X-Large

Gildan Men's Heavy Cotton Tee (Pack of 12), Assorted Mixed Colors, X-Large

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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So I ordered these and received them pretty quick. tried the shirts on and they fit great. ran through wash and dryer still seemed ok but the orange shirt discolored. I was orange but now seems like a mixture of yellow and reddish spots. it appears orangish at a distance but looking at it up close you can see that it looks spotty.

The shirts are supposed to be 100% cotton and as you can see on the tag they are not. they are 50%cotton 50% polyester.

Also now that the shirts have been through the wash a few times they have shrunk too. I compared the ones I wear more often to the orange one. since I haven't worn it due to the discoloration and it is about a good 1.5 to 2 inches longer than the other shirts.

- kash_diaz

It is unfortunate Amazon does business with companies like this. I expected shirt that really were heavy cotton as on the label. Instead these are thin flimsy shirts that will undoubtedly wear out quickly. Worst of all, upon opening the torn postal package they arrived in and deciding these were not as described,(not to mention the torn packaging, was informed I would have to pay a 25 percent “restocking” fee. Amazon was no help in getting that waived. Ripoff!

- jagger_morris

Gildan T-shirts are the best if you like your shirts a little longer. I like the fact that when I reach for something up high my fat belly doesn't come flopping out. I recommend washing cold and drying easy or delicate. They are a lighter T-shirt and not too heavy. They aren't tagless so if the tag bothers you I guess you could just rip it off. I'm 6'0 200lbs and ordered the extra large.

- romeo_edwards

colors don't match what I ordered...shirts are not made the USA....over 1/2 of the 12 shirts I received are NOT 100% cotton....I would have ordered shirts advertised as poly/cotton blend if that is what I wanted

- harley_roberts

I needed shirts for work, I am a commercial electrician. Although I love the Carhartt shirts, for the summer they are very heavy. For the price, these shirts are light, feel strong to the touch, and come in a huge bundle. If one of these shirts tears from a sharp objects at work I have a bunch more.

I was surprisingly pleased about the quality of these shirts. I didn't know what to expect with the size and fit of the shirts just because of the quantity they come in. I have broad shoulders and I'm 5'7" tall. These shirts fit me perfectly while still being able to tuck them in, which a lot of regular length XL shirts I can't tuck in because of my broad shoulders.

Excellent shirts. The only negative things I have to say are that they are made in Haiti and not in America, and the crew neck line is a little snug (hopefully it will loosen up with wear and wash). I have a 20" neck, so if yours is smaller they will fit much better.

- hugh_scott

These are 100% heavy cotton shirts. I needed them because I am not allowed to wear synthetics in my job. A dozen shirts come in the pack. The pack has several colors like grey, navy, black, red, white and so on. The shirts are well made and fit well. They did not shrink after washing and held their color.

- dean_mendoza

 I got these shirts to get customized for college and they are perfect!! I’m a 240 lb 5’2 female and they are AMAZING!! I saw that they shrink so I sized up, but I haven’t washed them myself. The shirts fit loose and go mid thigh for me, but then again I’m only 5’2. THIS IS A GREATTTTT DEAL for anyone just looking for some good quality plain shirts!!

- frances_nguyen

So far, I am very happy with this assortment of shirts. I received range of 12 different colors and while there are some differences with the example picture, for the most part, those are the ones that I received. They seem to be durable and well made, like most Gildan shirts that I've had before.

- amia_roberts

They immediately shrunk from a very roomy XL to a barely loose L, which is fine as I bought up a size in case of shrinking, but the length is now closer to a M which just sucks. Why aren't these pre shrunk!? Otherwise quality seems ok. Fairly light weight material, which is probably why they shrunk. These aren't plain flat colours either, they are blended/mottled. Received two light grey shirts.

- lucy_phillips

I took the advice of many here and purchased one size larger than I needed, then immediately dumped the whole lot into the washing machine, and then the dryer. The shirts are now the perfect size and free of potential skin irritants such as excess dye and chemicals like Urea formadehyde used to prevent mildew during shipping.

- blaire_wilson

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