Glory Riders: A Western Sextet

Glory Riders: A Western Sextet

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By: Louis L'Amour

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Collected for the first time in a single book are six of L’Amour’s finest Western stories. The texts have been restored according to how they first appeared in their initial publication in magazines.

Jim Sandifer knows he’ll lose his job at the B Bar Ranch as well as the girl he’s sweet on when he prevents a raid by some B Bar men on the Katrischen Spread in “The Turkeyfeather Riders.”

In “Four Card Draw,” Allen Ring wins a small ranch—until the town marshal shows up and tells Allen he can’t live there because a murder that had taken place there is still unsolved.

In “Home in the Valley,” Steve Mehan has driven a herd from Nevada to California in the dead of winter and has the money safely on deposit with Dake & Company. But upon his arrival in Sacramento, he learns that the bank has failed.

Also included in this collection are “Man Riding West,” “West Is Where the Heart Is,” and “Fork Your Own Bronco.” The stories in Glory Riders easily reveal why Louis L’Amour is the greatest Western writer of all time.
I love L'Amour stories and I think I like the short stories best. They are so crisp,sharp, right to the point but complete. These are all terrific short stories. I've read them often but still enjoy them. L'Amour is a treasure.

- nasir_hernandez

I am a long time L’Amour fan. Good short stories but I prefer a regular length novel to short stories. I have a collection of his books that go back almost 50 years. My dad was a big L’Amour fan and started me reading his books in my early teens.

- amaya_ramos

I have been a fan of Louis L'amour for many years now. When I came across this collection of short stories by him, I thought I would read them. Now one thing about Louis L'amour stories is that sometimes you will have read a book that was originally a short story not knowing it started life as a short story and then come across the short story in a collection of short stories and go what the heck. But that is what I like about them you get a chance to the original idea he had for the story. Like. I said I am a fan of Louis L'amour and I enjoyed reading some old stories by an old favorite. These are stories worth reading again and again.

- lorelai_baker

I have read many, many of L'Amour's books but I think his short stories are the best. You can get in and out quickly and, sometime with his longer books, they tend to be formulaic. So, anytime I can get a book of his short stories, I grab them and read them over and over again. They're like old friends.

- preston_hughes

What is there to say about Mr. L'Amour and his short western novellas, other than FANTASTIC!!!
Your going to love reading them. They all have good plots and characters, but each novella reads differently...simply marvelous..ride hard and read easy everyone...

- willow_watson

I have always been a fan of Louis L'Amour and enjoyed this book of short stories. I haven't read anything by him in decades and was a little surprised by how much the world has changed since then. When I was a kid, the 'wild west' didn't seen that long ago and now it feels very far away. This was a nice interlude into the past and a completely different world of the 'cowboy way' of life.

- rodney_howard

Lamour does himself proud with these five short stories all well written with plenty of Western feel to them and cowboys who know how to live the hard life.

- cruz_mitchell

This is an excellent selection of 'short stories' by a wonderfully talented western writer. Western fans shouldn't want to miss this one. Easy reading with wonderful descriptions and strong characters.

- declan_thomas

I really enjoyed the stories, it's nice sometimes to be able to read a complete story in a sitting. Classic western stories.

- michelle_wilson

Louis L'Amour, auteur américain de westerns, décédé en 1988, était issu de familles irlandaise et française, venues en Amérique au 17ème siècle.
Ce baroudeur qui fut boxeur, rancher, tankiste pendant la seconde guerre mondiale (en France notamment), était épris des légendes du Grand Ouest. Nourris d'histoires, qui furent contées, pour certaines, par ceux qui les vécurent, Louis L'Amour entreprit de conter le Farwest avec passion.
La centaine d'ouvrages qu'il publia illustre son immense talent de conteur.
Je les ai lus et relus et le ferai encore quand l'envie de puiser de l'énergie, comme un assoiffé de l'eau au puits, me prendra encore et toujours.
Les histoires de "Glory Riders" figurent sous un autre titre de la collection des "histoires courtes".

- marc_bennet

Great book. Excellent service.

- amayah_diaz

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